Email Account Basics For Surface Users

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Email Account Basics Guide

Gone are the days of paper notes, envelopes, and letters; nowadays, every one uses email. So, naturally, one of the first things you’re going to do on a new Surface device is to set up your email account – this guide is intended to help you with this task.

Below is a collection of different email topics that we have covered on Love My Surface. For your convenience, we compiled them into an Email Account Basics Guide. We continue to add new content regularly and create more how-tos all the time, so subscribe to LMS today to get our latest updates.

Do you have a specific email setup question? Feel free to post it in  our Love My Surface Help Forum and ask the community!

Email Accounts Basics Explained

Email Account Options

Set up Signature In Windows Mail App

Windows Mail App – Win 10

How to Set Up the Windows 10 Email App

Windows Mail App – Win 8.1

How To Remove An Orphaned Account From Windows 8 Mail App

Setting Up Gmail On Surface RT Tablets

Sync Google, Mail & Contacts On Surface RT

Set up Google Mail & Calendar In Outlook

Set up Gmail On Your Surface – Win 8.1 and Win RT

Send Handwritten Emails From Surface

Handwritten Emails On Surface Pro

Setting UP Outlook 365 & Outlook Exchange

Setup Google Apps Sync For Outlook 365

Setup Exchange Outlook on Surface 2\RT

Manage Office 2016 Add-ins On Surface

Our Getting Started Guide For New Surface Owners

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