How to Pick the Right Surface Devices for Your School’s Fleet

Without a doubt, technology is integral to education. The internet and smart devices positively impact the learning process and outcomes. Success comes through the development of collaborative and personalized learning via technological pathways. Many schools and institutions deliver learning via computers, tablets, notebooks, and other hybrid devices. Therefore, selecting the best device fleets can go a long way in supporting learning.

There are tens of brands to consider when selecting a device fleet. Nonetheless, some of the best technologies to choose from belong to the group of Microsoft Surface fleet. As such, this article tells you exactly how to pick the right Surface devices for your school’s fleet. It also gives you the benefit of using these devices in learning institutions.

Educational Benefits of Surface in Schools

In general, the family of Microsoft Surface computers is ideal for productivity and education. These devices are great for educators and learners as they:

Reduce IT-related costs;

Increase productivity;

Improve learning;

Simplify assessments.

Similarly, schools can drive more benefits from Surface fleets if used appropriately.

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Surface Fleet for Schools

There are a handful of Surface devices to choose from. However, the average age and maturity of students must be considered before choosing a fleet. Likewise, the learning method should be looked at before deciding. Below are different Surface devices and appropriate education categories.

Junior Secondary and Primary Students

For a student enrolled in junior secondary and primary schools, the best device for them is the Surface Go 2. This system is an excellent beginner technology you can introduce the student to. It is small, lightweight, and great for children, as they do not have to carry around and operate a full-size laptop.

The Surface Go 2 is relatively cheap compared with other devices. Nonetheless, it has an excellent responsive touchscreen. In addition, it supports the Surface Pen for writing and drawing. Students can enjoy this system for 10 hours on a single charge. It also supports Wi-Fi and an option for LTE.

University and Senior Secondary Students

Older students require technology that is bigger and has more power. By extension, the fleet for this category will weigh and cost more than what youngsters can handle. In this case, a Surface Laptop Go can be the right fleet for this demographic. This device has several great features, which are highlighted below.

-It has an excellent battery life that lasts almost 12 hours after a single charge. Thus, students can use it for the entire day without needing to charge it.

-It is lightweight, thin, and easy to take with you. A learner can use it in the library, classroom, and at home. Also, it comes in multiple colors and designs, allowing students to personalize their devices.

-It comes with a standard storage size. However, you can upgrade it to a larger capacity if you need to. This flexibility makes it suitable for handling all types of work. Similarly, the processor comes in different sizes depending on use. Thus, students requiring high specs for multitasking may need to get the 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM version.

-The touchscreen is large, which allows for more engagement. Furthermore, students in colleges and universities will need to spend more time on their computers due to academic demands. Students can interact with their peers and educators using high-quality audio and camera features available on the Surface Laptop Go.

Educators and Administrators

Just like students, teachers, professors, and administrators need to have access to computers to deliver instruction and run the affairs of their institutions. This category of people usually caters to the needs of others, so they typically need to run more demanding and complex tasks. As such, the computers they use should be more powerful than the students. These devices must fully support all applications used within the classroom. Moreover, computers must possess video conferencing features to meet the demands of remote learning. For these reasons, the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Book 3 are two devices that best serve teachers and administrators.

Surface Pro 7

Like most Surfaces, this device is mobile yet powerful. As the premium version of this franchise, this system is versatile and ideal for people in leadership, teaching, and administrative roles. It comes with a powerful 10th Generation processor capable of handling most tasks. Also, it has a battery that lasts the entire day and charges quickly through fast-charging technology. The Surface Pro 7 has high-quality video conferencing hardware and connects to USB types A and C, respectively.

Surface Book 3

As the name implies, the Surface Book 3 is a laptop that is powerful and versatile. This laptop has a great battery, which can last for up to 16 hours. Other features of this device include the following.

-Compatibility with the Surface Pen. Hence, teachers and professors can use it to perform digital sketching. It can also be used for writing notes and signing digital documents.

-A 15-inch touchscreen that provides high-resolution images and videos to users.

-Ability to work with most devices and has two cameras (rear-facing and front-facing) for video conferencing.


The Surface Device family has a lot to offer to the education system. Both students and educators can have a system ideal for their individual needs. Different Surface devices have excellent features, all the while meeting basic battery and performance standards. There is a device for each user category, and the cost varies depending on specification and performance. Hopefully, this article gave you the details you need to pick the best Surface device for your school’s fleet.

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