Send Handwritten Emails From Your Surface Pro 3

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Send Personal, Handwritten emails from your Surface Pro 3:

Update 11/09/14 – This functionality doesn’t appear to be working in Windows 10 version of OneNote App. We tested it on 3 devices. 

Do you love that you can handwrite meeting notes, to-do lists, and annotate pictures on your new Surface Pro 3?

So, do I!

With the Surface Pen and OneNote functionality built into the Surface, I now take all my meeting notes with it – it’s really quite handy 🙂

But did you know that you can also send handwritten emails from your Surface Pro 3? – yes indeed, you can!

Here is how you send handwritten emails:

  • Make sure you have the Windows Mail App configured with your email address.
  • Open OneNote and write your message
  • From Charms menu (swipe from the right), select Share
  • Choose Send an email
    Handwritten Emails
  • The Mail App will open with your default address in the From field – you can choose which email address you want to send it from by tapping the drop-down arrow.
    Handwritten Emails
  • Type in the recipient address
  • Tap send

The recipient’s email will look something like this:

Pretty cool, eh?

I thought so. I mean, you have to go through the extra step of writing the email out in OneNote but it’s so easy to send from there that I don’t think it’s an issue.

By the way, you can send just about anything this way, i.e.screen captures, marked up maps, or whatever else you like.

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Joanna –

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