Backup And Recovery Guide For Surface Users

backup and recovery

Backup And Recovery Basics

What’s your most valuable electronic asset? Data – of course. Whether it’s work-related files, personal photos, or business tax documents, data is the most important thing you store on your Surface device. It is often irreplaceable and therefore extremely important to you and your business. Naturally, you want to protect it – this guide is intended to help you do just that.

Below is a collection of different backup and recovery topics that we have covered on Love My Surface. For your convenience, we compiled them into an Backup And Recovery Guide For Surface Users. Keep in mind that we continue to add new content and how-tos all the time, so subscribe to LMS today to get our latest updates and don’t miss anything new.

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Windows 10

Create A Backup

Set Where Your Files Get Stored

Learn How To Turn On File History

Recovering From Accidental File Deletions

What To Do Before A Reset

Windows 8.1

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  • Hi Joanne
    My surface pro 3 crashed recently during a windows configuration and blue screened stating needed to be repaired.
    I had repair cover with Knowhow. They now have the tablet however they seem to be struggling to recover the data which is backed up but I don’t know how to retrieve it from my iPad etc if possible.
    I did provide Knowhow the bit locker key which is 48 numbers in groups of 6 to assist in data retrieval.
    I also have Norton on the pro 3 which has back up again don’t know how to retrieve it from another device if possible.
    Any us full information would be appreciated as my files of course are valuable to me.

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