Security Guide For Surface Tablets

Surface Security Guide

Since the Surface is a Windows device, it is natural that many of our readers are concerned about security. Why? Because Microsoft Windows operating system is used by over 90% of all computer users. Naturally, that gives hackers, spammers, and computer virus creators a huge target. No worries though, there are lots of things that you can do to protect your tablet.

Below is a collection on different security topics that we have covered on Love My Surface that we now compiled into a Security Guide for your convenience. Keep in mind that we continue to add new security content all the time, so subscribe to LMS today to get our latest updates.

Do you have a security question? Visit our Love My Surface Help Forum and ask away!

Learn The Basics About Security

Virus Prevention and Protection



Windows 10 Security Concerns

Learning to Prevent and Clean Up Malware

Virtual Private Networks and Why They Help

Application Sandboxing On Surface

Our Getting Started Guide For New Surface Owners

If you are looking for a quick start guide for your new Surface tablet, then you may like our free e-guide – Getting Started With Surface Tablets sign up today!

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