Seven Things We Love About Microsoft Surface

This is post was requested by one of our readers. As you know, we strongly disagree with the early (even some current) negative media reviews of the Microsoft Surface tablet. We feel that Surface didn’t get a fair shot. Since we both have Surfaces, we want to help others understand just how cool they are and help you, our readers, be more productive. We write lots of walk-throughs and tips, some reviews, and report on known issues. But I don’t think we actually ever summarized the things we love about our Surface tablets. So, here it is….

Seven Things We Love About Microsoft Surface:

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #1: Familiar Windows OS – even the Windows RT versions looks and feels familiar. Since, we use Windows 8 on our desktops and laptops too, it is nice not to have to switch between different operating systems. Windows 8.1 is also excellent with touch screen devices, so it is a nice update to already a solid Windows OS – both Joanna and Tim.

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #2: Excellent for productivity – Office RT is included in Surface 2/RT and full blown Office 2013 is installable on Surface Pro/2 series. The Surface tablets also include video and USB port and upgradable storage. They are great for business presentations and on-the-fly document editing. You use our Surfaces for business all the time – both Joanna and Tim

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #3: Surface Pro/2 is a laptop replacement – it allows you to install all of your favorite Windows applications for both work and play. The power of Surface Pro/2 is phenomenal and playing of regular (non-scaled down) games is great. With the recent edition of my docking station, I use my Surface almost exclusively for everything – Tim.

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #4: The kickstand and form factor – the two-position kickstand on the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 is great. It makes it easy to read, watch movies, and display things. The elongated form factor is really good for reading books and documents – Joanna

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #5: Sturdy materials – We have dropped our Surfaces (more than once) and they prove to be tough little devices – they are well-made of Microsoft’s VaporMG material and can withstand quite a beating. See my posts on Surface durability part 1 and Surface durability part 2  – Tim

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #6: Accessories – there are so many excellent accessories! My favorite is the type keyboard but I also really  like Tim’s docking station for Surface Pro 2 but there are many, many more. And they are not just from Microsoft. Adapters and connectors can be purchased from other vendors like Amazon at much lower prices. In my book, cheaper is always better –   Joanna

Things We Love about Microsoft Surface #7: Xbox One and Surface work well together – Using the Smartglass app you can essentially turn your Surface into a second screen that interacts with your Xbox and navigate the Xbox dashboard, pause and rewind movies, and swipe-tap-pinch to surf the Web on your TV. See this nice post and video for some details   – Tim

In short, we both feel that the Surface is a keeper. And what about you? What do you love about your Surface?


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