Microsoft Surface for NFL Fans!

Hey everyone, is anyone excited for the new 2016-2017 NFL season to begin? Well I am!

Wouldn’t it be nice to support your home team in every possible way? Here is one way you can, other then buying your favorite team’s jersey.

Microsoft and the National Football League teamed up to provide their fans with their favorite team on their type cover.

We should have known that the NFL and Microsoft would team up since a coach in the game of NFL Madden 17 was spotted holding a Microsoft Surface.

The new NFL type cover is priced at $159.99 USD in the Microsoft website. You may ask yourself is it worth the extra $50?

If you buy the Surface Pro 4 with the NFL type cover now, you will get 15% off your NFL game pass with a chance to  win a ticket to the Superbowl and a bunch of signed NFL merchandise.

Tell me what you think of this type cover. Do you think it is worth it? or not?

Also comment below your favorite team! I am a Steelers fan 🙂

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