TouchMe Gesture Studio Review

TouchMe Gesture Studio Review

Windows 8.x is Microsoft’s first true touch screen capable OS. It supports several useful and intuitive gestures that you can use to interact with your Surface Tablet.

Out of the box, Windows 8.x supports 8 different gestures and flicks on the touch screen. In addition, you can make some minor customizations to the flicks to perform a limited set of actions but, you can’t add your own gestures.

Until now……

TouchMe Gesture Studio: What is it?

TouchMe Gesture Studio is a piece of software available in the Windows Store that currently allows you to use up to 38 additional gestures on your Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 (sorry, it doesn’t work with Windows RT). Better yet, you can pick one of 45 different actions to assign to each gesture.

The actions the software allows for assignment are quite extensive and can do anything from adjusting your volume to putting the Surface to sleep with a simple two-finger swipe.

One particularly powerful action that can be assigned is the Keyboard Shortcut action. This action allows you to assign any of the over 100 keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8 to one or more gestures!

However, it will not allow you to reconfigure the default gestures. It only allows you to add new gestures that the system will recognize and only if you download and install the TouchMe Engine. It does this by taking advantage of the multi-touch capability on the Surface and uses gestures involving two through five fingers.

TouchMe Gesture Studio: How much does it cost?

While the Gesture Studio software is free, the TouchMe engine will run you $4.99 but you can get a 30 day trial if you’re not sure you will like it.

TouchMe Gesture Studio: Where can I get it?

Just go into the Windows Store on your Surface and search for TouchMe Studio. From within the TouchMe Studio app, you can download and install the TouchMe Engine by tapping the Get TouchMe Engine button. You’ll be asked if you want to get a license or use the trial version. I’d suggest you start with the trial version to make sure you like it.

So, hopefully you find this interesting and will give it a try. If you do, let us know what you think. It won’t cost you anything but a bit of time.


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