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While the convenience of laptops rests in that you can use them near anywhere—be it in the office, on your couch, sneaking in some work on the bus—there’s still something nice about having a dedicated workspace. Not only can it help you focus better, but you can also keep everything you need in one space without needing to pack up shop when you’ve finished.

With that in mind, finding a computer desk becomes essential. But, as a Microsoft Surface user, you’ll see that you don’t need all the same components as someone shopping for one to go with their desktop model. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to finding the best computer desk for Microsoft Surface users. Read on!

Computer Desk



Sauder Orchard Computer Desk
Walker Edison Soreno Three-Piece Corner Desk
ApexDesk Vortex
Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk
Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk With Bookshelves
Leick Furniture Corner
Safco Products Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk
Ameriwood Altra Parsons Desk With Drawer
Atlantic Gaming Desk
Wall Mounted Floating Desk With Storage

Sauder Orchard Computer Desk

sauder orchard best computer desk

To start, we have Sauder Orchard’s computer desk. While this model only isn’t made of solid wood, the Carolina Oak finish helps give it an appealing and classy look. It’s also still durable, even with its simplistic design and lack of solid wood. Even better, the construction also helps contribute to the affordable price for those not wanting to overspend.

Because of its basic build, you won’t find too many extra features for computers involved, aside from the sliding drawer for keyboard storage. While that won’t be very useful for a Surface laptop, you can still take advantage of the other two drawers for additional storage, and you’ll have plenty of surface space to fit your computer and any other work you need on hand.

Walker Edison Soreno Three-Piece Corner Desk

walker edison soren best computer desk

Moving into a more modern design territory, we have Walker Edison’s Soreno desk. This corner design has a steel frame that will stay sturdy and resist damage thanks to its powder finish. The desk surfaces are a tempered safety glass that also happens to look great. It seems excellent tucked into a corner or even with only one end against a wall.

You’ll find a keyboard tray as the main additional feature, but the thin build also means it’s no problem to wind your charge cords around the edges for easy access. The L-shaped build also allows you to have two separate work surfaces to use. The free end that won’t host your computer works well for setting up a printer or anything else you may need.

ApexDesk Vortex

apexdesk vortex best computer desk

Regarding design, this desk is on the simpler side, without any drawers, shelves, or trays attached. However, what it does having going for it is that it’s adjustable. Instead of only being able to sit as you work, the changing height allows you to stand, which can give you some variety to work computer work. The adjustment is mechanical, and it only takes the click of a button to make it work.

While simplistic in design, the desk itself has a scratch resistant finish, which will help it last over time. It also comes with rounded corners, preventing any stiff jabs as you stand near it or if you accidentally bump into the side. And since the overall design is lightweight, it’s easy to move about if you ever move or rearrange your workspace.

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

l shaped desk best computer desk

Bush Furniture’s offering brings in another desk that isn’t complete hardwood but has a professional look with a sturdy build. Because of the L-shape, you have plenty of space and surfaces to work with your Microsoft Surface and anything else. This model is another desk that has excellent value thanks to the price, and it would look excellent in a home or work office.

This desk also has plenty of storage space, with a glass door cabinet, as well as several drawers—one of which allows for hanging file folders. There are also four built-in USB ports, perfect for charging various devices without needing to run a power strip through your desk, and a shelf on which you can rest any such devices. With an affordable price, this computer desk also provides excellent overall value.

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk With Bookshelves

l shaped desk with bookshelve best computer desk

Aside from allowing you plenty of space to work on, this desk’s biggest draw is in the amount of additional shelf space. While it doesn’t have any upper shelves, there are two shelves worth of storage space under the L components as well as two open shelves on one end to use. Whether you use them for books, office supplies, or just decoration, you have plenty of space.

You also have a lot of desk space to work on, aside from just setting up your Surface laptop. This desk can hold up to one-hundred pounds, making it great for any other technology or supplies you need, such as a printer. Your computer will feel right at home.

Leick Furniture Corner

leick furniture corner best computer desk

While this desk may not have a look you may expect, it’s still a great place to get to work with your Surface laptop. It fits into a corner, but it doesn’t have an L-shape design. Instead, it looks almost like an antique design, but with a few touch-ups. Your computer will settle nicely on top, and you can stow it away in the pull-out drawer when you need the extra space.

In other storage, you have two shelves along the bottom sides that can fit whatever you need, including up to a computer tower if you happen to want also to use the space for a desktop later on. In the back of the desk is a wire station to help keep any connected cords organized that you want to have ready to access.

Safco Products Adjustable Height Stand-Up Desk

adjustable height desk best computer desk

For another standing desk option with a bit more to it than the Apex Desk, consider Safco’s variation. You can adjust the desk from anywhere between thirty-five to forty-nine inches. Aside from the height options, the wheels on the bottom allow you to quickly move the whole model about your work area or to another location, and they lock into place when you’re ready to settle down.

Regarding surface working space, this desk doesn’t have a lot, but you will be able to settle down with your Surface laptop and be ready to go. The keyboard tray can serve as extra surface space, and you have two additional shelves which will easily fit a printer, office supplies, or extra paper. This desk is also on the lower cost spectrum, making an affordable addition to your office space.

Ameriwood Altra Parsons Desk With Drawer

One of the benefits of looking for a laptop desk is that you don’t need anything complicated to use. Ameriwood’s model is just as simple as the name makes it sound, and it’s the perfect addition to anyone looking for a clean space without any clutter. The black finish also provides a beautiful look that can easily fit into any décor.

That aside, the overall vibe this desk gives off is a compact simplicity, without much extras that become distracting. Apart from the work surface, you have an inner center drawer that can hold office supplies at the ready. Even so, the overall work area you have is extensive, allowing you to spread out whatever you need to use. The design is also lightweight, allowing for easy transport.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

If you’re using your Microsoft Surface laptop to game, then you may want to consider this desk as your choice. With a carbon fiber surface and metallic finish, the overall design is sleek while also staying steady and being excellent for organizing all your gaming extras in one convenient space. You have not only a game storage rack but also a cupholder and a headphone hook at the ready.

For all your mobile devices, this desk has a charging station waiting and the ready. You’ll also have a power strip holder that can ensure you always have enough outlets for your devices nearby. If you also want to combine your laptop set up with a desktop, the extra shelving and keyboard tray will make it easy to do just that.

Wall Mounted Floating Desk With Storage

​​​​​​​If floor space is a concern for you, then this wall-mounted desk might be just what you need. Not only does it not take up as much room, but it also looks cool in your office area. You have the primary workspace, along with multiple top and side shelves for extra storage, with a total of five shelves in addition to the main desk space.

With a twenty-seven inch inner width, your Surface laptop will have more than enough room for you to work on comfortably. You can also choose from three different finishes:

  • Black
  • White
  • Espresso

These options allow you to match most typ​​​​es of décor easily, and the rail installation also helps you place the desk at whatever height you need it to be on your wall.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Computer Desk

To help you further narrow down our top picks for the best computer desk for Microsoft Surface, here are some factors to consider to ensure that you get the best fit for not only your laptop but also for your personal preference.

1. Computer Desks Vs. Laptop Desks

While both are types of computer desks, you can find different setups geared towards desktop and laptop models. When working with the former, a model geared towards a larger computer setup will have cabinets to store the tower, as well as a tray for a keyboard and mouse. These features also tend to make these desks larger.

Alternatively, a laptop desk doesn’t have as much need for these features. Instead, you’ll likely find more compact designs, as well as extra features, like charging stations. If they have pull-out platforms, these tend to be larger than those on desktop desks, to accommodate for the size of a laptop over a keyboard.

Both options can work well for Surface users, but you should always confirm that a desk has the features you want.

2. Size

While working on a laptop can require less space than a desktop setup, the overall size of your desk is still essential. You may want a more extensive working area to spread out on, or you could need something small. Don’t forget to check that the desk you want can fit into your chosen space.

3. Factory Assembled Vs. Ready-To-Assemble

Just as the names suggest, a factory-assembled desk comes already in one piece, while a ready-to-assemble model requires some work on your front. A pre-assembled model will tend to cost more, but the build is usually sturdy. On the other hand, putting together your desk can take time, but it saves money and is easier to deliver and move around.

4. Shape

The first image that may pop into mind at the mention of a desk is a rectangular one, but there are more options than that. You can find L-shaped desks that fit into corners, and even more complex shapes that fit into different areas better. When choosing, it’s always best to check your available space and take measurements to ensure you have space for a nontraditional build.

5. Ergonomics

The more ergonomic a desk is, the more comfortable it tends to be for regular use. While desktop-geared models tend to have elevated shelves for monitors and keyboard trays. Some features you may want to consider looking for are a laptop tray, adjustable work height, and a way to manage any cords involved in your setup.

Wrapping up

Just because your Microsoft Surface laptop allows you to work from anywhere doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a desk that you can settle down at and get some work done.

These best computer desk options give you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the ultimate fit for your work area. After all, an excellent computer desk can make all the difference when it comes to staying productive and comfortable in your workspace. You already have one of the best computers around; get a desk that matches.

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