Windows 10 Release Date Announced – Is the Surface Pro 4 Far Behind?

Windows 10 Release Date Announced

Today, Microsoft has revealed the Windows 10 release date to be July 29th, 2015. Terry Myerson (VP of Operating Systems for Microsoft) made the announcement via a blog post.

Windows 10 will be available both on new PCs and as a free upgrade for computers running Windows 7 or 8.1. Users of these operating systems will see a Windows icon in their taskbar (A lot like the picture below) that will allow them to “reserve” their upgrade.

Windows 10 Release Date Announced - Reserve icon

The upgrade, a 3GB download, can take place on 29th July or be scheduled for a future date.

The offer is available for one year from the release of Windows 10 and, according to Microsoft, those reserving an upgrade can cancel it at any time.

Basically, this “reservation” mechanism will check for upgrade issues and pre-download the Windows 10 setup files to your Surface (or other PC) so it will be ready to go as soon as it is released.

Windows 10 Release Date Announced: Features to Look Forward To Getting

With the Release of Windows 10, you can look forward to the following major features from the new operating system on your Surface:

  • Cortana: Microsoft claims that “she” is the world’s first truly personal digital assistant and will help you get things done. Cortana will learn your preferences to provide recommendations, fast access to information, and important reminders.
  • Microsoft Edge: Is the new internet browser built into Windows 10 and is designed to get things done online in new ways, from support for inking and a new reading view to reading web sites much easier. It even integrates with Cortana to make using it faster and more natural.
  • Office on Windows: In addition to the Office 2016 full desktop version, Windows 10 users will be able to experience new (touch friendly) universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Xbox Live:  The integrated Xbox App will bring better game experiences to Windows 10 on your Surface. You’ll be able to communicate with your friends on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One while playing any PC game. You’ll also be able to capture, edit and share your greatest gaming moments with Game DVR, and play streamed games from your Xbox One console.
  • New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps: In Windows 10 these integrated apps will have updated designs that look and feel familiar from app to app and device to device. You’ll even be able to start something on one device and continue it on another since your content is stored on and synced through OneDrive.
  • Windows Continuum:  Is an important feature for Surface users as it will allow your Surface to elegantly transition from tablet to desktop and back.
    • Windows Hello: Is a new feature that greets you by name and with a smile, letting you log in without a password and providing instant, more secure access to your Surface.

There’s also this Win 10 video overview you may find interesting:

I know I’m excited to get the release version of Windows 10 because I’ve played with many of the Tech preview versions and liked them.

Windows 10 Release Date Announced: What about the Surface Pro 4?

While the Windows 10 announcement is exciting, it makes me wonder about the release of the Surface Pro 4 and when it will come.

A lot of rumors have tied the release of the Surface Pro 4 to the release of Windows 10, so with the Windows 10 release date announcement, is the Surface Pro 4 far behind?

Unfortunately, aside from the normal wild speculations, there has been nothing about the Surface Pro 4 …. yet.

I’m hopeful that the rumors will bear out and we’ll soon get a release date (or, at least pre-order date) for the Surface Pro 4.

Joanna and I will be keeping an eye out and we’ll let you know as soon as it happens.


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