Surface Pro 4 Release Date

Surface Pro 4 Release Date

According to Christian Today, the Surface Pro 4 release date has firmed up and will be in mid-2015 per reports from an unknown source.

In addition, a few new details have leaked out since the set of Surface Pro 4 rumors I passed along last month. So, I thought I’d fill you all in on the latest batch of info coming out about the Surface Pro release date and features/specs.

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: Updated Video Capabilities

The SP4 is rumored to sport an improved pixel resolution compared to the SP3. However, according to Christian Today, the new device will come with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 which is the same as the SP3.

I find this a bit confusing and imagine that Christian Today is passing along bad information since the 14″ SP4 screen would need a better resolution than the 12″ SP3 screen just to stay on par.

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: New CPU

According to the same reports, Microsoft will be using Core M processors to power the SP4. Core M processors have a long battery life compared to Core (no “M”) processors but also less computing power.

I imagine this is to address battery life complaints some folks have had with the SP3. I just hope the trade-off isn’t the loss of too much computing power.

It seems to contradict the “expected to attract more gamers with its upgrades, high-end internal specs” rumors at the beginning but, maybe, there will be a new generation processor going into the SP4 line with more power than the current Core M processors?

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: More RAM

Another reported improvement is increased RAM, which is reportedly as high as 16 GB. This means that performance of the SP4 will be (likely somewhat) improved compared to the Surface Pro 3 when performing memory-intensive tasks (like gaming – Yay).

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: Two Versions, More Choices

Gospel Herald is also reporting that the SP4  will come in two sizes, one with a bigger 14-inch screen and the (alleged) Surface Pro 4 Mini with an 8-inch display.

This is pretty consistent with earlier rumors and has persisted long enough that I would expect this one to be almost a certainty.

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: When Can I Get One?

As I hinted at the beginning of the article, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is reportedly coming out as early as mid-2015 bur some folks are saying as late as very early 2016.

Personally, if I were forced to make a WAG (Wild Assed Guess) as to when Microsoft will announce the SP4, I would expect the official SP4 announcement in late may or early June. I would also expect them to release it for sale by late July in order to get the “back to school crowd”.

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: How Much?

Despite the SP4 promising improved features, there is some speculation that the price range for the SP4 will be lower than the SP3 to attract more consumers.

As for the exact price, Gospel Herald said the following…

“…some experts believe that the larger 13- or 14-inch model will retail for $899 while the mini model with an 8-inch screen will go for around $599 to give a better range of options than the Surface Pro 3 currently offers.”

What is a bit strange is the fact that they are saying this, almost as if there will only be one CPU choice (did Microsoft hire some folks from Apple?). If so, it could be awesome so long as they use a higher-end processor.

However, if they start cutting down the processor to save on costs, it could easily backfire. Time will tell….

Surface Pro 4 Release Date: Parting Thoughts

As you might expect, Microsoft has not yet released any official information regarding the rumored Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date or it’s specifications. These are all leaks and rumors so take everything above with a grain of salt.

However, if most off it turns out to be true, The SP4 could attract more gamers with the upgrades and Xbox streaming feature which is integrated into Windows 10.  I didnt really touch on it before but, some rumors even say the SP4 might come with an LTE capability, which is a highly demanded features nowadays.

So, if you’re holding off on purchasing a SP3 because you don’t want to buy just before the upgrade, you are probably safe for about 6 months.

In the meantime, are you excited to see the Surface Pro 4? What features would you like to see?


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