Top Productivity Tips for Microsoft Surface Pro Users

Microsoft Surface Pro is a powerful portable device that combines the features of a tablet and a laptop on a single unit. The different versions of this device that are in service run Windows 11 enhanced for the Surface Pro. Therefore, this machine is excellent for people who take productivity seriously.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is great for several activities, including graphics design, document preparation, and on-the-go use. In addition, this device connects with a keyboard for more flexibility and has one of the most powerful pens on the market. Despite the capacity of this device, many people underutilize it. In this article, you will learn about the top productivity tips to fully utilize your Microsoft Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Touch Gestures

For most devices, touch gestures can be challenging to get used to. Yet, once you get the hang of it, gesturing will be your go-to option for navigation. Also, the Surface Pro has an excellent touch screen that makes touch gestures easy to use. Some common gestures that can improve your efficiency include:

Four fingers swipe to switch between desktops or launch the Action Center;

Pinch to zoom;

Three fingers swipe up to multitask;

Two fingers swipe to scroll in any direction.

With these gestures and more, you can quickly navigate the device and complete tasks efficiently.

This device is great for college students. Learners need technology for their lectures, emails, online classes, and writing assignments. To help with the latter, students often use the best online essay writing services. They read reviews and online testimonials to find providers they can trust.

Use Widget Apps

If you are the type who Googles weather and stock details, you are not using your device to its full potential. The new Surface Pro widget gives you access to information about the weather and stocks. You can quickly access your to-do lists and schedule via the same option. To access the widget apps, all you need to do is swipe to the left. Also, you can customize this option by adding or removing your preferred apps.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You do not have to be a programmer to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Using this option saves you time and lets your mind concentrate on more critical tasks. In addition, you can take advantage of the utility of the new shortcuts introduced for this device. Some of the more useful shortcuts let you do the following.

Open search or Cortana;

Open notification;

Enter or exit full screen when using apps;

Open or close the multiple panes.


The ability to multitask is a crucial feature for people that want to stay productive. This option allows you to effortlessly switch between multiple tasks. Therefore, you can go back and forth between writing a report and creating a presentation. Likewise, the Surface Pro lets you return to using programs you exit from where you left off. On the other hand, you can group and launch multiple apps simultaneously. The applications you launch using this option all appear on the taskbar.

Install File Storage Apps

The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a preinstalled OneDrive. This application integrates well with the Microsoft ecosystem. However, if you prefer another file hosting service, you are at liberty to install it. The most common options people choose are Google Drive and Dropbox. Each of these apps offers you a reliable alternative to OneDrive. Of course, you do not have to use just one of these applications as an alternative to another. You may use all three apps to store different information. Doing this helps you manage space on your device and individual cloud storage.

Slim Pen 2

The Slim Pen 2 gives you access to a new kind of experience on this device. It tries to replicate the feeling of writing on paper with a pen. As such, this option makes writing and drawing a lot more intuitive than on other systems. Similarly, the pen lets you draw and write with awesome pressure sensitivity. It also gives you suggestions when making natural motions in some applications.


The traditional way of taking a screenshot on Windows involves clicking the PrtScr key and importing the screenshot into Paint. With Surface Pro, this process is simplified, as you do not need to use the keyboard to make it happen. Alternatively, you can hold the volume down and Windows buttons to take a snapshot.

Connect to Displays

Sometimes, you may need a larger screen to complete tasks. For this reason, Microsoft lets you connect the Surface Pro to an external monitor. You can project your screen to more people. Additionally, you can connect to multiple displays through the Surface Dock device. Apart from a monitor, you can also connect your device to a TV via wireless connectivity.

External Monitor

The Surface Pro can also act as an external monitor. It can connect to your PC and let you expand your working surfaces. Once connected, you can take advantage of the connection to transfer files from your PC to the device and vice versa.

Beyond connecting to your PC, you may also connect the Surface to your smartphone – iPhone or Android. You may view the content of your smartphone directly on your device. This option is great when you need to access information from your mobile device.


The Microsoft Surface Pro is an excellent device for maintaining a productive lifestyle both at work and at home. It offers you several options that allow you to navigate through applications effortlessly. Likewise, it lets you multitask by accessing various apps simultaneously. Finally, you can seamlessly connect and interact with PCs and other smart devices like iPhones and Android. Take advantage o these and other cool features of Microsoft Surface Pro today!

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