Which is the most popular Surface device on Windows 10?

Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Graphics Problems After Latest Firmware

So what is the most popular Surface device that is currently running on Windows 10? The Surface Pro 3 has been out much longer than the Surface Pro 4 but it was initially released with a earlier version of Windows. The Surface Book received a lot of hype during the initial release but did it sell well, especially compare to the Surface Pro 4?

I honestly expected the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book to top this chart. But according to AdDuplex, here’s the result:

The Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pro 4 are placed just about where I expected but the Surface Book appears to be far less popular. Looks like most people are choosing the Surface Pro 4 over the Surface Book. I guess portability and price is more important to most people than a slight increase in the screen size and some performance.

The original article did speculate that this might (partially) be because of the world-wise supply shortage – the Surface Pro 4 became available to most parts of the world from the get go while the Surface Book was only available to few countries. I doubt that alone can explain almost 10-times lower number though.

I expect most Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 users to have upgraded their Windows to the version 10 by now, so given this chart, I’d say the Surface Pro 4 is doing rather nicely.

And here’s one more slide that might interest you:

No big surprise here, the big five – HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer are leading this chart. But I do expect Microsoft to gain significantly by this time next year when they have the next generation models in production full speed.

… and 5 more days to go from the end of our vacation!

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