A Letter To Our Readers – Advertise With Love My Surface Now!


Hi Guys!

So, we wanted to do something different in 2015 – offer our readers the opportunity to be a Featured Blog on Love My Surface!

We often get asked by other bloggers if they can get a link or a mention on our blog. Well, now you can! If you’re looking to attract more visitors to your blog, reach a wider audience and find more followers, this is your chance.

Love My Surface has over 100,000 visitors a month and a very engaged audience. We are not talking page views here – we mean unique visitors, as in potential customers for you. 🙂

Below is a graph from WordPress.com showing our site statistics for the past 6 months (for more details see the Work With Us Page):

Site Stats

as I type this we’re already at 83,500 visitors and 145,500 page views for May 2015!

As you can see, there are actual human beings from all over the world that could be looking at an ad for your blog right now. Wouldn’t that be nice? Here is the good news:

We are now offering monthly sidebar ads to other bloggers!

For just $100 a month you can have a sidebar ad on Love My Surface (front page!) with your header or logo as you wish, image size 250 x 100 (or similar, if you want bigger we can also accommodate).

If you wish to build your following and expand your audience, then take advantage of this offer!

Slots are filling up fast so let us know soon!

Joanna and Tim

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