Good News – Surface RT VPN Software Available

We recently wrote a review on VyprVPN, see post VPN for Surface Pro -VyprVPN.

Since then, the good folks at VyprVPN reached out to us to let us know that there is, in fact, a way to get their VPN to work with the Surface RT and Surface 2 (we already updated the review).

Since you can’t install external software, on Windows RT devices, what you have to do is to configure a virtual private network connection. It needs to be done manually but VyprVPN has excellent instructions online on how to do it (of course you have to first sign up for their service – you can still get 50% off the first month):

This is excellent news because there really is no good VPN client software available for Windows RT devices via the Microsoft Apps Store. And we all want our internet traffic to be secure when we’re checking bank accounts, email, or anything else personal, right?

I’d highly recommend using some sort of VPN, if you’re doing any of the above from your Surface RT or Surface 2 on a public network and as you can see from our review, VyprVPN service is excellent.

Do you use a VPN on your Surface 2 (RT)? If so, which one?


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