A Fix for Windows 10 Wi-Fi Issues – Quick Tip

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Issues

Folks have been reporting some Windows 10 Wi-Fi issues where their device no longer has the ability to connect to a network. It’s almost as if the Wi-Fi card is disabled because you can’t browse or connect to wireless networks.

If this has happened to you, it could be because of a bug in a recent Windows 10 update. Fortunately, there is a fix circulating on the internet that may help you fix it.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Issues: The Fix

The fix involves deleting a registry key where some bad information about the wireless network is listed. The bad data seems the be the result of a patching process where the registry key is supposed to be deleted after the patch is installed but isn’t.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to remedy:

  • Start an Administrative Command Prompt by performing a tap and hold (right-click) on the Start button then selecting Command Prompt (Admin) from the choices.
  • Enter the following command into the command prompt (no quotes) “reg delete HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f”. If you get an error indicating the specified registry key doesn’t exist, then this fix won’t correct your problem and possibly something else is going on.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Issues Command

  • After the command completes, assuming you don’t get the “key doesn’t exist” error, restart your Surface. Your Surface will take a bit longer to start than it normally does but, after it restarts, you should be able to see and browse wireless networks again.

If you saw the error above, you should still restart your Surface but it probably won’t help resolve your problem.



  • My Surface Pro 3 takes forever to connect to my wireless network the past few weeks. I was thinking it was possibly my Arris cable modem with built in wireless. Has anyone experienced this problem with Windows 10 on their Surface Pro?

    • Not specifically with Windows 10 but, I had problems connecting a Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 to an ARRIS router in the past (TG862 specifically). Turns out a recent (within the past 8 months) update seems to have fixed it. See if you can update your routers firmware and the problem might go away.

      I’m typing this up on Windows 10 going through that ARRIS router so it’s working for me now.

    • Then you don’t have the exact problem described in the article (though you obviously have something affecting your Wi-Fi or you wouldn’t be trying it).

      Can you see wifi access points but can’t connect or do you not see any access points?

  • Speaking of wi-fi, I was traveling last week, booted up my surface and it would not let me connect to the hotel wi-fi without downloading some Microsoft Wi-Fi app which, as I understand it, seems to be an app to allow one to pay through Microsoft to access wi-fi in various locations. My concern is, if the wi-fi is free to me (because in this case I am a frequent traveler who doesn’t get charged for hotel wi-fi), does the app cause me to pay for something when it is isn’t required. Appreciate any insight you might have on this. Thanks

  • My problem is that it sees the wireless network but it’s up and down; very unstable. Will this fix work for me as well?

    • It might, I’d also look at making sure the firmware on your wireless router is up to date as well (they rarely get updated).

      Also, you might want to consider changing channels on your wireless router. It’s possible that you’re getting some interference from other wireless devices. If you log into your router, there should be a (fairly) easy option to find it. Set it for channel 13 since most things tend to pick 1,6, or 11 by default.

  • My surface pro 4 just couldn’t connect/detect any wifi at all few minutes ago. I saw this and gave it a shot. It did show the error message and just as instructed, I restarted my computer. I thought I was going to make a trip to BestBuy already to get it repaired and pay of course** i didnt purchase any insurance when i bought it -_- **.. But, MY WIFI ACCESS CAME BACK! And the first thing that I did was to make a comment your page!


  • My Surface Pro 4 won’t connect to a WiFi network that it had before. I’ve gone through a myriad of troubleshooting techniques to no avail. I see the available networks, but cannot connect. Help. Please.

    – Tom

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