Microsoft Back To School Sales On Surface Tablets And More

Back to school sale on Surface tablets

It’s back to school time in the USA!

Yes, I realize that some of the rest of the world has already gone back to school but in the U.S., parents and students alike are in the “shopping for back to school stuff” mode.

So, if you have been longingly looking at the Surface tablets as a replacement for your old laptop or have wished for accessories for one you already have, this may be a good time for you because Microsoft is offering all sorts of good deals.

Here are the back to school sales on Surface tablets:

Up to $309 OFF selected Surface Pro 3 bundles

Best part is: you can build your own bundle – check it out here: Build Your Own Surface


  • Does not include the i3 models
  • The more you spend the more you safe – of course
  • Limited time offer

Includes: Surface Pro 3 tablet, Type keyboard, carrying case, choice of Office 365, and Microsoft Complete Accident Protection.

For the lower-end i5 models, you will save around $220 but for the higher-end models up to $309 – not bad. At checkout, you will also be offered other small discounts, like $20 OFF a docking station or $8 OFF an extra power supply.

Students, faculty, education staff and parents all save 10%

It’s known fact, that Microsoft has been really good to the education market. So, once again this year, they are offering 10% OFF on back-to-school purchases. But wait, it is not just on the Surface tablets but also on software, accessories, and even other types of PCs!

That is a nice deal folks, if you have a kid going back to school, are going back yourself, or work for a school/university you can save some serious cash. Find this deal at the Education Portal of Microsoft Store.


  • You have to certify that you qualify for the discount
  • Offer valid until Dec. 31, 2015

Save $150 on all Surface Pro 3 tablets

This savings is good for anyone on the market for a new Surface Pro 3. The $150 discount will be taken off the price of the tablet right in your checkout cart. You can find this deal at the Microsoft Online Store.


  • Not valid on i3 models
  • Offer valid until August 29, 2015, while supplies last

Free standard shipping from Microsoft on all of the above deals.

Side note: Also, if you are interested in getting a Windows Phone for going back to school, Microsoft is offering the Lumia 640 (black) with no contract for only $71.10, right now. It is the AT&T version. I have a Lumia 630 and absolutely love it, it is perfect for my needs and I bet it would be great for anyone going off to school.

All in all, these are pretty good back to school sales on Surface tablets and other electronics from Microsoft. Happy Shopping!

Peace out


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