What’s new about the Microsoft Surface Book With Performance Base?


While everyone is raving about the Microsoft Surface Studio, people are defiantly sleeping on the Surface Book with Performance Base!

The Surface Book is a love it or hate it device.

Some may hate the fulcrum hinge that divides the tablet to the keyboard, and others love the unique design.

The tablet itself still stands on a dual-core configuration and up to i7 Skylake Possessor. It holds up the 16GB of ram and 3000×2000 display with 267ppi.

What Is a Surface Book

Simply put, the Surface Book is a convertible laptop, and the first full laptop to come out among the Surface devices. Windows is the maker, and this is a windows 10 addition to the Microsoft Surface device lineup. The Surface Book came out in late 2015.

The things that make this device different are its unique keyboard dock and the secondary battery that offers good battery life. You can use this as a tablet or flip it back around and attach it to the keyboard, to use as a laptop.

What Are the Features of a Surface Book

There are quite a few bells and whistles that come with a Surface Book.

Full laptop power

This title means it is sturdy and more substantial than any before it. Surface Book has the level of drive that a laptop contains, but the daintiness of a tablet as well. You can count on strength, as Windows brags it is the most powerful Surface laptop.


The tablet detaches from the keyboard, making it a sleek tablet that can be used for drawing, writing, or other things you would typically use a tablet for, alongside your Surface Pen.

Creative performance

This laptop/tablet love child is made for maximum creativity, regardless of if it is in tablet mode or laptop mode. There is the beauty of a 16GB memory hold, as well as the option for an i5 or i7 system processor, and a 6th Generation Intel Core. I mean, what more could you need? This is a great variety of features.

A graphics wonder

Since there is a discrete graphics chip lodged inside, as well as better video playback the Surface Book is made for the creatives. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or videographer, you will appreciate this feature. The Surface Book is compatible with programs like Adobe and Photoshop. With the built-in multi-touch PixelSense, you can master the the art of curating by using your surface pen.


Since this is a Windows 10 device, you will have OneNote right at your fingertips. This program is the ultimate storage spot for everything from your to-do lists, to calendar events, to notes, and everything in between. OneNote is accessible on all devices, making it the perfect way to organize on the go.

This device is not just great for the creatives. It is also ideal for the gamers too. If you want to hook up your Xbox wireless controller to the Surface Book, you are more than able to. This laptop is built to accommodate hardcore gaming, so get ready to play!

What Accessories Are Available with the Surface Book

When you purchase this device, certain things that come with it, and others you can buy separately. These accessories truly up your experience as a Surface Book owner.

A surface pen

Owning this accessory is a game changer, especially for the creative person. You can draw, shade, write, scroll, and so much more with this pen. As you can imagine, this is one of the features that is most talked about with the Surface lineup. Great new? It comes with your device!

Surface Mouse, Surface Mobile Mouse, Surface Arc Mouse, Surface Precision Mouse.

Each of these has a unique function, and they all vary in price pretty significantly. Decide on your needs, then take your pick. All of these are sleek, use current technology, and come in a variety of colors.

Surface Dial

This accessory may be one of the most incredible technological wonders Windows has created to date. You can change the color while you paint with this tool, as well as adjust volume or scroll without putting a single finger on the keyboard. It vibrates on your fingers as you work, giving you a better way to become one with your work. For sketchers, blueprint creators and other artists of all kinds, this is changing the way creators work. There are a variety of creative apps that work alongside Surface Dial. As a partner with the Surface pen, this accessory is the ultimate product for professionals of all kinds. It is a bit like magic!

Type covers

There are a variety of type covers to purchase, but your Surface Book does come with one! If you want to own a variety of type covers or want to try out a different one, these are interchangeable.

Questions to Consider When Buying a Surface Book

When searching for a surface, there are specific questions you can ask that will help you choose the perfect fit. The surface book is not the only option available to you.

1. Consider your needs. Are you are a gamer, a creative, or a professional that needs a drawing board, a manager, a freelancer, a contractor? No matter what your profession, there is most definitely a perfect Surface for you.

2. What features matter to you the most? Do you want a device that can be shared with others or a personal computer device? Do you need a creative design tool? Do you want 4G LTE when wifi is terrible? What amount of storage are you interested in having on a computer? These factors all matter when making a decision

3. Where will you spend the most time using your Surface?

4. How will you use it, meaning do you mostly use it for personal use, for productivity, for gaming and or professional use?

5. Which computer are you looking to purchase? The options range from laptops to desktops, to a 2-in1, which means a tablet with a removable keyboard (such as the Surface Studio)

6. A factor that plays a role in this decision is how frequently you are planning on bringing your Surface with you.

7. Consider your desired screen size, which can then help you determine the number of inches you want.

8. What are you planning to store on your Surface? Simple things like documents, or everything you do online?

Consider these questions, then match your answers with your ideal Surface.

Benefits of Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base:

Now that we have walked through what a Surface Book is, imagine a Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base as pretty much the Surface Book on steroids.

-The newly upgraded d-GPU is packing 2GB 965M, which is an upgrade from the older 1GB 940M. So you are looking to play high graphics games in higher FPS this model is for you!

-At this price point, it competes with the MacBook Pro.

-The battery life is 16 glorious hours long!

-This version is designed to balance at any angle you desire.

-The performance base writes as smooth as a pen on paper.

-This option is even more creative-friendly.

No Wrong Answer

Regardless of which Surface you choose, whether the Surface Book, the Surface Book with Performance Base, or a different Surface in the lineup, these devices are made with you in mind. There is indeed no wrong answer.

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