Best Surface Laptops for Students

Most college students are returning to school at the moment. Books, clothes, and food are
just a few of the things the average student needs. However, while these items are
important, you won't need to do much research before you purchase them. You likely
already know the books you’ll need for school, and if you have a fashion style and a few
shopping places you prefer, getting clothes won’t be an issue.

Besides the essential items listed above, a laptop is also a must. It’ll allow you to browse the
internet, attend virtual classes, and write your assignments. While there are different laptops,
Microsoft’s Surface laptops remain one of the best, and in this article, we compile a list of the
best Surface laptops for students. So, whether you’re just getting into college or graduating
soon, you might want to read until the end so you can make the best decision.

Best Surface Laptops for Students

The first Surface laptop came out in 2017, but even though it’s been just 5 years, they have
made many improvements. So much so that students have come to enjoy using Surface
laptops due to their lightweight, sleek design and superior performance. Today, there are
many types of Surface laptops, but in this article, we’ve compiled 6 of the best:
● Surface Pro 8
● Surface Laptop Studio
● Surface Laptop 4
● Surface Laptop Go 2
● Surface Go 3
● Surface Pro X

Surface Pro 8

At the top of our list of best laptops for students is the Surface Pro 8, which starts at a
budget-friendly price of $799.99. Visually, this laptop is stunning. It has an attractive
slim form. It’s versatile, so you can easily turn it into a tablet. The Surface Pen also
comes with Haptic feedback, which can be great when you’re in art class or just
drawing in your free time. Despite this laptop’s many features, it’s still very light and
can be easily carried in a backpack.

Surface Laptop Studio

Aside from drawing, you might need to render images or videos whether you’re an
art, engineering, or science student. However, most gaming laptops that can do this
weigh a lot. Unless you’re looking to gain some muscles when you carry your laptop,
you might consider the Surface laptop studio. This laptop starts at $1,399.99, but for
this price, you get a high-performance Intel processor, up to 32 GB of RAM, and
Nvidia 3050 Ti — NVIDIA’s 2nd-gen RTX architecture. The laptop battery can last up
to 19 hours, and it just weighs 4.00 lb. Currently, it is one of the best slim, powerful,
and portable laptops.

Surface Laptop 4

If you aren’t looking for a tablet-like PC, but at the same time you don’t want a
Surface laptop studio, then you might want to get the Surface laptop 4. It’s similar to
Apple’s MacBook but priced very well at $799.99. The display is sharp at 2496 x
1664, and it’s a touch screen. There are two models, the 13 and 15-inch ones, but no
matter which one you pick, you can expect the battery to last 16.5 hours following
typical usage. This makes this laptop great for researching long into the night.

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Surface Laptop Go 2

If you’re on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice the key benefits that come with a
top-quality laptop, then the Surface Laptop Go 2 can be considered an excellent
option. It costs as low as $569.99, making it one of the cheapest laptops on this list.
However, you still get an HD 720p webcam, which should allow you to attend online
classes and be seen with ease. Battery life is also very good at 13.5 hours, and at
2.48 pounds, this is a great laptop to carry about between classes.

Surface Go 3

As you might have come to expect from the Surface Go series, with Surface Go 3,
you get a low price but competitive performance. This laptop starts at $399.99, but
you get a 1920 x 1280 screen, an 11-hour battery, and a rear and front-facing
camera. When it comes to performance, you can get either the faster Intel®
Pentium® Gold or Intel® Core™ i3 processor. When combined with 8 GB RAM,
you are getting a laptop that can deliver with little to no lag.

Surface Pro X

At $499.99, the Surface Pro X brings many features you would expect from a $1,000
laptop. There are some drawbacks, as the laptop comes with Microsoft custom-built
ARM-based chips. These are 8-core powerful processor chips, but they won’t work
on some apps. However, Microsoft makes up for it by including up to 16 GB of RAM
and a high-resolution touch screen at 2880×1920.

In Conclusion

Getting a laptop isn’t something anyone should rush. Different laptops have pros and cons,
which is why proper reach is always encouraged before making a decision. The 6 laptops
mentioned in this article are some of the best regarding speed, battery life, and reliability. Of
course, if you’re having trouble deciding which one is the best for you, please consider
sharing this article with friends so they might help you make your decision.

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