Is Microsoft Surface Studio really worth the Price?!

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and getting ready for the New Year!

There has been a lot of news surfing around the internet about the new Surface Studio.

I have heard and read from many sources that the Surface Studio is way to expensive for its specs and there are many better and cheaper alternatives.

Then why would anyone pay for the Surface Studio?

Can it be the Surface Studio’s gigantic touch screen? Maybe it is the high resolution.. Or the Surface Dial?

At first I thought these were the real pinnacle points of buying the Surface Studio.

But I realized the Surface Studio and Windows work hand and hand.. But what does that really mean?

One of the extra component of buying a Microsoft Surface device is that you will most likely get the newest firmware updates and features first!

If you experience on any bugs or glitches on any of the Surface devices regarding to Windows 10, you will get the update first or new features Windows 10 offers!

For example, Windows Hello came to all Surface devices first!

You can assume the Microsoft Surface devices are equivalent to the Google Nexus Phone.

The Surface Studio has a lot of potentials with its computing power and its large high resolution screen.

Bare with the price tag for now guys! It may be high for but prices will drop!

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