Surface Book 2 to drop Dynamic-Fulcrum hinge?

One of the most attractive aspect of the Surface Book (IMO) is its unique hinge called “Dynamic-Fulcrum Hinge”. It looks cool, but at the same time, functional. Or at least that’s what Microsoft claims. It allows for users to freely attach & detach the screen/tablet but still stiff enough to hold the screen at desired positions.

Apparently, this very hinge is also the biggest source of complaints. For one, the hinge leaves some gap between the screen and the keyboard when it is completely closed. This means small objects can get into it, including dust while closed. The hinge itself also features gaps that could become problematic under dusty conditions.

Microsoft is working on a solution that will remove this gap for the Surface Book 2. Whether this new design is still based on the dynamic fulcrum hinge or some other design is unknown but they have acknowledged that this is an issue for some users.

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Kent Beck

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