My Experience Switching from Macbook Air to Surface Pro 4

Hey everyone, today I wanted talk about my personal experience from a Macbook Air to Surface Pro 4.

I am an average user of a Surface Pro 4 i5 processor with 128GB of storga and 4GB of RAM.

The major differences for the Surface Pro 4 to the Macbook Air are:

  • Battery Life
  • Firmware Updates
  • Screen
  • Keyboard

Battery Life

I have no real complaints about the Surface Pro 4 other than the previous battery life issue.

The on and off screen time was clearly a useless function in the early 2016 and battery would rapidly drained on sleep mode.

Unlike the Surface Pro 4, the Macbook Air has a much better battery life.

Nevertheless with some firmware updates, the battery life of the Surface Pro 4 was slightly solved.

Firmware Updates

The firmware updates was the key component of saving my Surface Pro 4 experience.

Microsoft is avidly looking for an upgrade performance and new features through updates. In that respect, I feel reassured about bugs and defects.

I also found that The Surface Pro 4 receives the new features first compared to other Windows computer.


I had no complaints about the Macbook Air’s screen but I would have to give it to the Surface Pro 4.

Not only it is a higher resolution, the colour saturation is more vivid.

Furthermore the touch screen functionality is really responsive and it makes a really good tablet.

I would have had a better experience using as a tablet if Windows tablet OS featured better apps and functionality.


Unfortunately this is where is goes downhill for the Surface Pro 4.

The keyboard ergonomic and quality is not worth the price range of $129.99USD.

In terms of the concept, it is really good but the execution of the built quality does not do justice.

This is a very subjective and some may like the Surface Pro 4 typecover.

I would not mind if it came with the Surface Pro 4 instead of being sold separately since the Surface Pro 4 alone would make it an overpriced Windows tablet.

Fortunately, for those who think alike we have an option to use a third party keyboard through bluetooth.


I do realize that I went a little rant about the keyboard but other than that I am really satisfied with the Surface Pro 4.

Till this day I still find new options and I take advantage of the customization portion of it.

The Macbook Air lacks customization and only allows you to use their OS.

Although Apple’s operating system does not disappoint its users.


  • “The Macbook Air lacks customization and only allows you to use their OS.” That is not true. Apple allows you to install Windows if you want. What Apple doesn’t allow is the opposite, use OSX in a PC.

  • Funny but my Surface Pro 4 is still having freezing issues, after a year… still not patched. Never had any issues like that on my MacBook. Also, battery life is really bad on a Surface. They are great devices but the firmware and the OS are not that great.

    Also, not to be picky – but there’s a lot of false information about MacOS in this article. Seems like you don’t really know what you’re talking about in some cases

  • I went from the new MacBook Pro (2016 model) to the SP4. Firstly, the MBP was very, very overpriced for what you got. In essence, you were paying a premium for using OSX. Apple’s premium feel did not transition to the new MBP. Compared to my 2015 MBP, it felt ‘tinny’ and looked a lot like my work HP laptop! Noting the SP4 was half the price of the MBP with similar specs, I took the jump (I original bought the SP1 but being an early adopter coming from Apple was not a good experience – too many bugs).

    The SP4 and W10 is not as polished as OSX and its compatibility with my iPhone 6S is limited, however for half the price of the MBP but with the same capability, it is an awesome bit of kit! But…it still has bugs. The recent Creator update has resulted in the keyboard dropping its connection when the SP4 is in sleep mode.

    If the Mac range comes within 20-30% price range of the Surface, then I will most likely go back to Apple as its ecosystem is near faultless. I wish Microsoft will stop trying to please all user groups and focus on the Surface range to make it even better.

    Screen – Perfect (but 10 inch version would be good and bezel should be reduce i.e. like Dell’s Infinity Edge screen)
    Keyboard – Nice (should come packaged with the SP)
    SP4 – Nice (next gen should be slimmer and quieter i.e. no spin up of fan under multiple webpage open)

  • maybe you are right but i do believe that those are totally different devices and we can’t compare between them.
    Every device has it’s own unique way with it’s own operating system.

  • I had the opposite experience. I had a SP4 (i5, 128 GB SSD- 2015) and the screen started shaking upon startup (Microsoft tech said it is a hardware issue and not fixable!!!). So I got a used MacBook Pro (2013). In my opinion, the MacBook Pro is far superior in almost every way. The iOS is far more stable and reliable than Windows. My SP4 constantly had little bugs that updates fixed, but then other bugs would show up (pen wouldn’t work, face sign-in wouldn’t work, etc.). Also, my SP4 cost around $1200; you can get a good MacBook for that!

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