Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Problems

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Problems

Are you having Surface touch screen problems?

It can be really frustrating if you are. The Surface is primarily a touch-screen device and if the touch functionality is acting up, it pretty much makes the Surface useless.

Fortunately, troubleshooting and fixing touch screen issues is possible to do on your own and I’ll cover how to do so in this post.

I’ll start with the most common/easiest things to try and I will keep escalating to more difficult, as I go a long. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved in the first or second step but, if not, don’t worry as I have a lot of different things you can try.

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Shutdown the Surface

I know it’s really cliché but, simply shutting it down and restarting it works a surprising percentage of the time. And the best part is that it’s simple, just shutdown your Surface from the power icon on the Start Screen.

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues - Shutdown

After it’s powered down, give it 10-15 seconds then power it back up. Hopefully, your problem was just a driver glitch and nothing systemic. If that’s the case, this will probably do the trick.

NOTE: If you have a Surface RT or Surface 2, the icon I referenced above won’t be present if Windows 8.1 Update 1 has been installed (Microsoft decided to remove it). So, to get to the Shutdown command, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to bring up the Charms Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select Power
  • Select Shut Down

Basically the same thing, just a slightly different place.

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Clean the Screen

Is that atomic wing sauce or pizza sauce smeared on the screen? In either case, it can screw up the ability of the screen to pickup touches accurately or maybe even at all (although it’s not likely) so get rid of it!

The best way to clean the screen is with a damp lint-free cloth but do not apply liquids directly to the screen as it could cause problems if it were to get inside the Surface case. If you have it, you could also use something like eyeglass cleaning solution instead of water but make sure you apply it to the cloth and not the screen.

Of course, you could try something like the method below. It’s very cute but I really wouldn’t recommend cleaning it this way…

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues-Licking Method

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Update Drivers

OK, if cleaning the screen didn’t do the trick let’s make sure that you’ve installed all of the available updates. Sometimes Microsoft releases fixes for problems on days other than the normal monthly patch Tuesdays, without any prior notification.

They would probably say it’s to address problems as quickly as possible and while that is probably partly true, I imagine it’s also because they’re hoping people won’t notice something was broken.

To check for Windows updates, follow these steps:

  • Bring up the Search Charm and look for “Updates”.

keyboard problems with surface

  • Choose Check for Updates from the options shown.

keyboard problems with surface

  • Tap the Check Now button.
  • If there are any updates, go ahead and install them.

After the updates install, you’ll want to restart your Surface. When it comes back up hopefully, everything will be working just fine.

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Calibrate the Touch Screen

If the problem you’re having is that the touchscreen just seems off and it’s difficult to tap on things accurately, you could try re-calibrating the device or resetting the calibration to defaults.

It just so happens, we did a post on doing that a while back and we recently updated it for the new Surface Pro 3 tablets

You can find it HERE. If that’s not your problem, read on…

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Check for File Corruption

It’s possible that some important system files got corrupted on your Surface tablet. This happens most often with desktops and laptops because people don’t always power them down gracefully but it could happen on your Surface as well.

To fix it, we have some steps from a previous post (ISSUES WITH SURFACE TABLET) that should help if that’s the cause of your touchscreen problems.

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Refresh or Reset

If you’re still having problems with the touchscreen, we’re down to trying a refresh or a reset of your Surface. It will take some time but you can try these steps in the following order  to get your surface working properly with the touchscreen again

  • Refresh Surface: Refreshing your Surface reinstalls Windows but keeps your personal files, settings, apps that came installed on your Surface, and those you’ve installed from the Windows Store. Desktop apps you installed on a Surface Pro/Book or Surface 3 will need to be re-installed.
  • Reset Surface: Resetting your Surface completely reinstalls Windows and resets it back to “factory default” so all of your apps and local data will be gone; so make sure you backup everything you want to keep to Onedrive.
NOTE: If you updated Surface Pro from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, a refresh or reset will re-install Windows 8 (not Windows 8.1) and you’ll need to re-install the Windows 8.1 update along with who knows how many other updates.

For more detailed how-to info, see these links….

Troubleshoot Surface Touch Screen Issues: Call Microsoft Support

If the touchscreen still isn’t working correctly after following these steps, your Surface needs more help than I can give you via this article.

It’s time to throw in the towel and either take a trip to your local Microsoft Store or request service at the Surface Online Service Center if you don’t have one nearby.

I hope you found this helpful.



  • Thank you very mucg for this Tim, very helpfull!
    I was hoping for some more regular Surface post as most post lately were addressed to the Surface Pro 3 series. Thanks again

      • Tim please help? This just happened to my Surface (regular) one not the advanced model. When I try to do the refresh or reboot it keeps telling me I need 4+ G on my hard drive? I hardly have anything on my tablet. No large files or programs. What do I do now?

  • I have a problem with my surface pro 3 touch screen. the middle screen isn’t responding to touch while the left and right side are fine. however, middle screen is responsive to surface pen but not touch.

      • That’s interesting.The SP3 used N-trig hardware for pen and touch. The sensors for the pen are different than the capacitive touch interface.

        So, my guess is that the capacitive hardware has failed but, the active pen sensors are still working.

        I’m sorry but, it sounds like Microsoft support is your best option.


  • My Surface 2 touch screen just stopped working for no reason. I noticed it had low battery the night before (20%) and I forgot to put it on charge. I went to use it today and I put it on charge and when it booted up the touch screen didn’t work. I tried everything on here by instinct but it still doesn’t work. The windows logo button still works. I have never dropped the device at all and there have been no knocks to it and no pressure applied to the screen.

    • Adam,

      Do a full shutdown and restart (attach the keyboard and mouse if you need to) and it should come back up OK.


      • I had the same issue with my touch screen. While in sleep mode the battery ran down. I attached the charger and charged it to 90% before trying to start the Surface 2, when it booted up, the touch screen didn’t work. I have tried: 1. Restarting the system with keyboard attached. 2. Doing a complete shutdown and waiting 15 minutes, and restarting the system. 3. performing a system refresh. All to no avail.

        From what I have gathered on the different forums, the next step is a system reset.

        Do you have another recommendation?

        • I actually had the same problem, and it was so frustrating and I later fixed it very simple but not sure if its going to work for you. Just quite simply let the tablet sleep and wake it up, that fixed my problem.

    • John-do you have a follow up for me? My touchscreen isn’t working, I don’t have a stylus, and I’m reluctant to “refresh” or “reset”, especially after reading your comments (but mainly because they can do so much better than that in supporting a fix) . What is the status of your surface? Thanks!

      • Christine, Mine did this tonight, I did a refresh then ran the updates again. So far…about 30 min in, got my screen back.

  • Tim, please help! my icons on the start screen aren’t working, and none of the buttons recommended apply to mine. I have the first Surface. When I shut it down via the on/off button, can’t find shut down anywhere, when it turns back on, it says that it will restart in one day. Does that mean that I will have use of these icons/buttons again after they install updates? I can wait, but that sure is frustrating if that’s the case. please email me at the address above, as I don’t know how I would ever find you again!

    Thank you.


  • honestly so disappointed in my surface. ;( I got it at the start of the year for school and it was great all until today when I went to use it and the touch screen didn’t work………seriously Microsoft should recall all faulty ones and give us the new surface.

  • My touchscreen is sort of going haywire and selects things on its own as if I’m touching it. It happens vertically along the center of the screen and it’s making it pretty irritating and almost impossible to use the computer. I’ve already installed the latest updates and if anything it got worse. Thanks for reading.

    • Jess,

      I’ve heard of this when the touchscreen hardware flakes out. It might need to go to Microsoft support to get it replaced.

      However, before you do that, if it’s in a cover of any kind take it out and see if the problem goes away. Some covers use magnets to hold flaps closed and it’s possible that that magnet is in just the wrong place.

      A magnet shouldn’t interfere with a capacitive touch screen but, weirder things have happened.


  • My windows button on my surface 3 does not work properly. It opens the start menu at the bottom left of the screen instead. Reseting the touch did not work. Everything else on my surface works great and I’m not sure what to do.

    • Hmmm…. that’s a new one on me.

      Try disabling the button and then re-enabling it… -havent done my own write-up yet 😉

      If that doesn’t work, you could try uninstalling the device from device manager then restarting it to let your Surface rediscover and install the drivers for it.

      For full disclosure, I haven’t tried it with that device but have used the technique in the past to fix other devices that were acting weird but, it should work.

      Hope it helps,

  • Thanks Tim,
    Greetings from Oz, Down Under!
    Your little ‘pearls of wisdom’ worked!
    After about 4 weeks of no touchscreen, it now works again on my Surface 1 running 8.1 RT.
    Had all the local experts baffled.
    Good sound advice.

    Cheers with Beers,

  • hello tim
    i have surface pro , i have noticed that after continuously using for 5 or 6 hour its touch is not that much responsive as it was when it was started. does this unresponsive behavior is related to heat up ( core temp shows max temp around 65C) after excessive use or something else. one more thing as it gets heated “plugged in (not charging)” issue also appear. i want to know if these behaviors are interconnected, and is there any fix for these.
    thank u

    • Hi Abu,
      So, let me see if I understand your question. Your SP’s touch screen becomes less responsive after some hours of use and the device heats up? And you would like to know if the issues are related?
      There is no way for me to tell for sure if these are interrelated or if there is a fix because there are many, many things that can be a cause of either of these symptoms. Generally speaking though, any overheating issues are an indication of a hardware problem. You should contact Microsoft to see what type of service they can provide.
      Good luck.

      • hello tim
        the device is not that much heated and is normally around 55, but the screen still becomes unresponsive after 3 or 4 hour. i have installed all the windows 8.1 updates. what can i do ,should i refresh or reset. can this be an issue due to window upgrade from 8 to 8.1.

        • While you could try a reset, assuming it’s not a hardware problem which a reset won’t help, it’s much more to be a piece of installed software and not the 8.1 upgrade causing your problems.

          So, I would recommend that you…

          – Backup your data ( OneDrive, USB drive, wherever)<- Do NOT skip this step - Reset (not refresh) your Surface - Install the updates for 8.0 (do not install any additional software or the 8.1 update) - See if the problem persists. If it does you (99% probability) have a hardware problem and will need to talk to Microsoft to get it fixed - If the problem doesn't present itself, do the upgrade to 8.1 and all of the updates (still don't install any additional software) - See if the problem persists. - Assuming it doesn't, re-install your software one piece at a time and test for the problem between installs. I'll bet it's either a hardware problem or some software that was installed. Hope this helps, Tim

  • Hi Tim,
    I have a problem with my surface 2 touch screen becoming non-responsive. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and still the problem is present. I have also tried to have my device serviced by microsoft but received this message :

    Support Not Available
    Surface is not supported in your country. If you think you have reached this message in error, please check the Country setting in your profile.
    Out of Region Exchange Policy
    Your Surface is configured for a different country or region from your ship to address. This means that you are attempting an exchange in a different country or region than the one in which your device was initially purchased. Your device will be exchanged for a device configured to the country or region of your current ship to address.

    So although my device is sill under warranty i cannot proceed to having it serviced.
    Help required, thanks much.

  • Sorry for the late replay. Real life and all….

    What country are you in? You might need to contact Microsoft support by phone and have them patch you through to where you need to be.

    Unfortunately, it will take a while so be patient.

    Sorry I don’t have a quick answer for you.


  • Hi Tim
    I’m from Trinidad and Tobago (In the Caribbean). Thanks for the advice, I will contact microsoft via phone and hopefully they could further assist in restoring my surface to full functionality.
    Thank you again

  • Hi Tim!

    Your post help me to understand a lot of things… But, I have a big problem and I don’t find the solution in any blog or website. If you can, please, help me.
    The problem is: I have a surface RT and it was becoming very low and no working good. So I try to reset. After reset, everything works fine, except the touch screen! The touch screen don’t work at all! And I’m looking for the answer for this problem and I never find it or any problem like that.

    Thanks very much.

    ps. (sorry for my bad english)

  • I’ve had a very frustrating evening with my surface pro 3 where the screen keeps displaying flickering black and white line (like a tv not tuned in!) and won’t let me do anything at all. No nearer to getting it resolved after 1 1/2 hr online chat with Microsoft but they have suggested a full reset which I will have to try tomorrow but will lose all my data. Do you know of others having had a similar problem? Many thanks.

    • Tania,

      Sorry, I didn’t see this until now. Assuming the device wasn’t dropped or had something spilled on it, try the follwoing…

      1) Change the resolution settings and see if the problem persists
      2) Try a Chkdsk and SFC (
      3) Try a malware and virus scan (

      If these don’t help, try the reset. However, i’m suspecting it might be a hardware issue and the reset might not do anything either…


      • Hi Tim
        Many thanks for your reply and your suggestions. I agree with you that it looks like a hardware issue as by Saturday morning I couldn’t even get it to keep working for long enough to do the factory reset. I have dropped it off for UPS to pick up tomorrow to go back to Microsoft. I was surprised that if you send an item for service in the UK it goes to Germany! I wish I was in the USA where I could take it in to a store. I’m hoping it won’t take too long!

  • My surface has a single long crack in the screen and fingers nor the pen seem to work, im guessing my only option is to fix the crack but is there any other way?

  • […] touches but it still works with the stylus?  And the problem continues even after you already tried troubleshooting the issues with no […]

  • My surface 2 touch screen in unresponsive after the latest Microsoft auto update. Followed all the steps and reset device to factory settings and everything. I even spoke with a rep and nothing. Any suggestions?

  • I’m having same problems as Andrew — after last auto update (4/18?), my Surface Pro 3’s touch screen is only partly responsive. Have shut down, checked for more updates, recalibrated. Possibly a corrupted update? If this were my desktop I’d try to undo the last update, not sure how to do that w/ Surface Pro 3.

    • In Device Manager under Surface Pro Touch Controller Firmware there is a warning symbol and then under Device Status says, “This device cannot work properly until you restart your computer. (Code 14) Click Restart Computer to restart your computer.” But restarting the computer doesn’t seem to fix this, and it takes much longer to reboot than before.

      • Hmmmm….. OK, I’ve been looking around and haven’t heard anything widespread since the last update but… I did come up with a couple of things to try….

        1) Code 14 indicates a driver file is in use and needs to be overwritten. So, you *should* be able to fix that by forcing a shutdown (hold the power button and volume up for at least 15 seconds).

        Be aware that (for Surface 2 tablets) Microsoft does not recommend this so, here’s my standard warning about doing this step… make sure you backup your data in case you need to reset your machine afterwards.

        On the plus-side, I’ve had dozens of people do this without problems.

        2) If that doesn’t work, and if you have a keyboard cover, try attaching and un-attaching it several times in rapid succession. One person I heard about was able to get his working again recently by doing this (i.e. causing the OS to switch back and forth between touch and keyboard input).

        Hope this helps guys,

        • Neither of those worked. I’ll get in touch w/ Microsoft and see if they have another solution. Thanks for these suggestions. -John

  • Having the same problem as others and can’t get the touch screen to work since updates a couple of weeks ago. Very frustrating. Have tried all the above remedies to no avail.

  • Ditto, I haven’t used my Surface 2 for a while. It was happily working but insisted on a reboot after updating and now the touch screen does not work. I have been through all the recommended procedures on this blog except a complete rebuild. A very frustrating product.

  • Yep all six of our travel Surface 2 RT PCs have the same problem at the same time. Unfortunately they were all set to auto update. We ended up buying mouses and use them as a normal PC now. We have made a decision to stop purchasing this product now as too much time has been wasted trying to get them functioning properly.

  • I left my Surface switched off for a couple of days and then restarted it and now everything is working as normal. I really can’t believe it but obviously very pleased. It was a last resort as I was getting so frustrated with it all.

    • I’ve done the reboot and still nothing. I shut off my new air conditioner too, as someone listed that could cause interference. The touch screen doesn’t work.
      Am I missing something? Te touch tech just stopped working. I didn’t drop it or no trauma. Is there anyway to contact Microsoft?

        • Thanks so much! So… is it worth paying to have repaired? I feel like there would be some weird on/off switch for the touch screen. Nothing has worked.

          Is it worth paying to have fixed? My warranty expired 2 months ago.

          • Hard to say. Depends on what it would cost to fix. If it’s more than $400 or so, I think I’d limp along to see how the SP4 pans out.

        • I contacted Microsoft via chat. They immediately went through the steps – then quickly offered to mail me a USB with the recovery system loaded on it.Free. Said the recovery “disc” (USB) has been solving most problems, especially if your touch screen went bad after the last update. Thoughts???

          • It sounds like they are hoping a full reset will fix the problem but, if you already did a reset and the problem persisted, it’s probably not going to help at all.

  • Add one more surface 2 to the list of non responsive touchscreens after auto-update. I did all the troubleshooting steps, including refresh and a full reset to factory settings… nothing. I saw on another forum if you let the battery die, leave it for a few hours, or days, it might come back. I did that… and it worked, but as soon as I turned it off, when it came back up, it stopped working again.

    Microsoft tech support was useless. If a reset doesn’t work their only option is to give them $200 – $300 for a replacement.

    This is unacceptable!! Their update broke my device. I’m not giving them more money for another device that will turn into a $400 paper weight with the first auto-update. This is obviously a problem on their end that they refuse to acknowledge or fix. I love my surface 2… but if this is how they handle problems I may stop buying Microsoft.

    • At this point, I’m just using the touch mouse. Nothing else works. But I’m not trashing the unit (was a gift) because the touch screen is dead.

  • My Surface 2 touch screen stopped working. I didn’t have it plugged in one night and I guess it tried to apply patches and the battery died in the middle of the update then the touch screen wouldn’t work — I tried everything to fix it and nothing worked. So I finally drained the Surface 2 battery by letting Netflix movies play till it died. I then took off my type cover and put the surface 2 on the charger and waited about 10 minutes. I then powered it up and to my surprise the touch screen works again 🙂 🙂 🙂 I put the type cover back on and all is still well. I will try powering it up and down later to be sure that it is fixed. Just wanted to pass this along.

  • You got my hopes up… I downloaded the new updates. Took the better part of an hour. Installed everything, restarted… and… nothing. It still doesn’t work.

    • My Surface 2 touch screen stopped working. I didn’t have it plugged in one night and I guess it tried to apply patches and the battery died in the middle of the update then the touch screen wouldn’t work — I tried everything to fix it and nothing worked.

      SOLUTION: So I finally drained the Surface 2 battery by letting Netflix movies play till it died. I then took off my type cover and put the surface 2 on the charger and waited about 10 minutes. I then powered it up and to my surprise the touch screen works again 🙂 🙂 🙂 I put the type cover back on and all is still well. I will try powering it up and down later to be sure that it is fixed. Just wanted to pass this along.

  • I had a problem with the touch screen on my surface 2 after cleaning the screen with a 3M Corp cleaning solution and wipe pad. Apparently this touch screen is VERY sensitive to water! After carefully cleaning again with isopropyl alcohol (to remove any surfactants in the 3M cleaner solution) it still didn’t work. Then I put it (turned off) in my oven, set at the lowest setting (150 degrees) for a couple of hours. After 10 minutes the screen appeared ‘foggy’ as though the water in the screen was being driven off. At any rate after heating the screen for 2 hours and letting it cool the touch screen now works like a charm. Just wanted to report this fix. Mike Costello

    • Mike, as strange as your solution sounds, it works out!
      The touchscreen of our surfcae 2 recently stopped working. I tried everything on Tim’s list without success.
      Finally did the following:
      – shut down by power and + button 20 sec.
      – put it in our oven at 60°C (~150°F) for 1.5 hours
      – let it cool down over night (~10 hours)
      – started it without the type cover attached
      -> the touchscreen works perferctly again.
      Thanks, great blog BTW !

    • Mike, do you mind if I move this tip from comments into the main body of the article? Especially since it also helped out Claas?

  • Surface 2, same problem, no touch screen after overnight updates. Nothing worked until I tried the battery discharge, twice. Apparently did not allow enough cool down time the first go round as it did work the second time with about an hour and one half cooling time. Have not reapplied keyboard yet, but will try after battery fully recharges. Thanks so much for all the posts!

  • Add another one to the list. Sadly, this one has not responded to anything, repeated battery drains, heating, freezing, updates, refresh, full reset and update, nothing. Thanks for al the suggestions, just wish one of them had worked.

  • My touchscreen works on my Surface Pro…but, my start menu doesn’t come up…and when I press any of the icons once i move to the start screen, they don’t work. I have tried to reset with the start button held down 15 seconds and then quick presses as directed. It doesn’t work. I tried the reboot by holding down the start button and volume button on the side of the screen…didn’t seem to do much. The one thing I notice when my PC starts up is that there is a black screen with some white on it for just a half-second or so.

  • My touch screen on my computer is just getting stuck! there is one point in the screen where there is the little circle showing that it is being touched when it isnt. The mouse goes to that point in the screen and its hard to click on anything so I have turned it off. I have cleaned the screen and that hasn’t helped I have completely reset the whole computer and it worked for a bit then it happened again. I just recently updated to windows 10 but is still there!
    Please help

    • Let me guess, you live near the ocean or where it’s really humid, don’t you?

      I had the same thing happen to me with my SP2 except my “phantom touches” we’re happening along the edge of the screen. Basically, I had a defective screen (humidity/saltwater corrosion from the ocean in my case) and I had to get the unit replaced.

      You may be in the same boat. Hopefully it’s still under warranty. Mine was and they exchanged it no questions asked.

      If it’s not under warranty, let me know, I can make a few other suggestions but, they’re more…… drastic and might result in their own problems.

  • Does anyone know how to change the sensitivity of the touchscreen? Namely, when I use my pen, my hand keeps touching the screen, which makes unwanted marks.

    • Pedja,

      What model Surface do you have? I ask because there are starting to be reports of issues with SP and SP2’s due to the fact that Microsoft hasn’t yet issued upgraded touchscreen drivers.

  • Hello,
    My surface pro had been off for 2 weeks now and I have turned it on and it is only showing half of the screen the other half is gray with lines running down it.
    It wasn’t dropped to my knowledge. I have tried turning it off and on again. I can’t see any damage to it when it is off.

    • It might be a hardware problem (I know it was off but sometimes these things happen).

      Does it happen as soon as the Surface comes on? (I.E. does the “Surface” logo screen at boot look right?). If it does, it’s probably bad hardware.

      If no, try booting your surface into safe mode:

      If the problem goes away, it’s probably a driver issue and a SFC/Chkdsk should fix the issue:

      If the problem persists or if the startup logo is messed up as well, then it’s probably confirmed to be a hardware issue and you should visit a MS store for a replacement (Should still be under warranty).

  • Hi, Sometimes on my tablet when I touch the screen with one finger it thinks I’m automatically doing an equivalent of a left click. Resetting and cleaning the screen fix the problem temporarily but it always comes back after a short while

  • Hi Tim, hope I’m not too late for the party.

    I have a Surface 3. Screen touches are erratic, scrolling will suddenly jump to zoom, tap will show on screen but the action won’t happen, scrolling will suddenly stop and screen will be unresponsive, then start working again if I switch applications.

    I have problems with the pen as well, clicking before I reach the screen, right clicking at random times.

    Last week I tried a Intuos Pen and Touch tablet, installed the driver, worked perfectly for 20 minutes and then the cursor started jumping all over the place or not moving at all, even Wacom support gave up.

    All this used to work much better than it does now, which at times is unusable, so I am thinking about doing a reset or reinstall, but I have Windows 10 installed and don’t want to go back to Windows 8 unless I can reinstall 10 afterwards as a download, I don’t have a local copy, that’s how the Surface arrived. Do you know if this will this be possible or will I get stuck back at 8?

  • Looking abov, e
    0i assume my randmo
    0k.0m,, e.,0key stroke s l;,,ower right are screen dwngradin,.0, not the chassis has flexed. Holding the RT stand seems to improvi it but still get four or five hovering finger marks on the screen quite often. Did a masters on the rt over a few years and well travelled, recently did a reset/refresh and up to date on drivers. Tried removing the soft screen protector, no change. Keyboard still works but hovering phantom fingers o
    someteimes locks up the screen needing a restart. cursoreykeysc are the wrst and “o, n, k”,and backspace only able to type this holding the middle of the stand. Almopst as if magnets for keypad are picking up noise when there’s no keyboard attached.

  • hi!!!! pls help me my surface 4 screen doesnt work when im using it via touchscreen but it works on its stylus /pen … Im hoping u can hellp me since I am not that techie plus there is no service center for microsoft surface here in the philippines… tnx in advance … and have a nice day:)

  • For all the times I’ve heard, “shutdown your computer and wait 2 to 3 minutes and power it back up.” I almost never try that when it’s offered up as a solution. I had already tried “restarting” my surface and that didn’t work. So having said that, my middle windows logo tap stopped working and nothing seemed to help. I found your post and decided that “restarting” is not the same as a shutdown. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your post.

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