Microsoft Support for Your Surface – Tip of the Week

Microsoft Support
Microsoft Support – What options do I have?

We love our Surface Tablet community! And are glad to be able to help you be more productive by providing tips, advice, and walk-throughs. We get lots of cries for help from our readers via comments, Facebook, and email. We do our best to answer questions but as much as we’d like to help everyone, there just isn’t any way for us to know every possible scenario and answer to every problem you may come up against. Luckily that’s what Microsoft Support is there for.

They actually have really good support for your Surface tablet.

So, if you’re completely stuck, and neither we nor anyone else has been able to help you, consider contacting your friendly Microsoft support team.

You can choose from one of the following Microsoft Support options:

  • Recommended solutions – an extensive knowledge base of solutions to problems.
  • Community support – a forum and twitter account where you can post a problem to other Surface tablet owners and receive answers.
  • Assisted Support via Chat – directly with Microsoft via a live chat*
  • Assisted Support via Request a Call – they will call you back*

*The assisted options provide you with estimated times you’ll have to wait.

Microsoft Support

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Here’s the website where you can reach this wealth of awesome help goodness:

It’s that easy to tap into Microsoft Support for your Surface tablet.

Good luck!


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