Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Battery Drain Issues

Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Battery Drain Issues

If your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book seems to be draining it’s battery quickly even though it’s been in sleep mode, it might be due to Windows Hello.

While the ability to log into your Surface merely by looking at it is cool, it’s not worth having a flat battery. One person on the Official Microsoft Support Forum claimed he went from just 5 hours of connected standby time to over 80 simply by disabling Windows Hello. Some users on Reddit are backing up this theory on the cause of the battery drain.

The implication is that Windows Hello is “always watching” and draining your battery even while the Surface is supposed to be sleeping. More likely, there’s something wrong with the firmware/drivers for the camera and it mistakenly “comes on” during sleep.

Hopefully, Microsoft will address this issue soon.

Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book Battery Drain Issues: Turn Off Windows Hello

If you are experiencing battery drain issues follow these steps to turn off Windows Hello:

If you do this, and Window Hello was not activated or if the problems persist. You can take a look at these other articles for some more help troubleshooting and correcting your battery drain issues:

One of those three articles should help you fix your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book battery drain issues even if it’s not caused by Windows Hello.


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