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Surface Tablets
Tip of the Week:

Microsoft Surface tablets are available again in some places!

That’s right – they are.

UPDATE: As off 1/22/14 the Microsoft Online Store has most of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets back in stock again.

If you look in the Microsoft Online Store, you will see that the Surface tablets are still mostly out of stock. This is especially true for the new line of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2s  – only the most expensive Surface Pro 2 512Gb is available.

However, we just discovered that you can find Surface 2s in some places.

Here is the list of retailers that we found them in:

Best Buy

In some areas, like in Michigan, Surface tablets are available again for both shipping and in-store pickup. In our area, two of the nearby six Best Buy stores had both Surface 2s and Surface Pro 2s in stock.

Not all the configurations were available, but at least you can find them. You can also order the Surfaces online for shipping to your home.


Walmart has the Surface 2 32Gb available with free shipping or pickup from store or FedEx Office.

The Surface Pro 2s are still out of stock.

When we looked online, they had many different configurations of Surface tablets available both for shipping and store pickup. This was the retailer that seemed to have the biggest selection. We don’t have a Fry’s Electronics store in our area but I know they are prevalent in other places.


In addition to better Surface tablets availability, we discovered that the highly sought-after Surface Type Cover 2 (with back-lit keys) is also available again in many locations. We saw that Staples, Walmart, Fry’s online, and Best Buy – all had them for online purchase. Some even had them in stock.

We are not sure what is causing the low inventory of Surface tablets right now. Microsoft is being very tight-lipped about it. There are some rumors that it is due to manufacturer’s shortage of parts. But there are also rumors speculating that Microsoft is doing this on purpose to build up the hype for their new Surface 2 LTE release, expected sometime this winter.

Which is true?  I don’t know. But I wish Microsoft would get it together because people want their Surface tablets!

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