Surface Pro 3 Finally solve the Battery Drain Issue?

Hey everyone! As you know in my previous articles there were battery draining issues on the Surface Pro 3 and 4.

The Surface Pro 4’s battery problem was solved with some firmware update earlier this year and Microsoft reported that the Surface Pro 3 will follow with a similar firmware update for its problem.

The Problem

The Surface Pro 3’s battery draining problem occurs when it is charging. The misreporting of the charge capacity of the battery to the OS and the Surface Pro 3’s firmware.

The Solution

Microsoft introduced the new updated firmware announcing that it “corrects the firmware component that functions as a fuel gauge so that the battery capacity is accurately reported”.

Furthermore, the new firmware update will fix the self-corrections of the charging report capacity over several charges.

The Installation

If you guys are not sure about how to install the new firmware, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start
  2. Settings
  3. Update & security
  4. Windows update, and performing a Check for Updates

The AC power should be plugged and remain plugged while installating the new firmware.

Nevertheless, Microsoft advises the Surface Pro 3 users the update the firmware even if you do not have any battery draining problems.

This is the third time Microsoft has issued a firmware update in order to fix the battery draining problem.

Hopefully this will be the last time!

Comment below about your experience of the new firmware updates below.

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