Tip of the week: Setting Internet Explorer Home Page In Metro Interface

Set Internet explorer home page
How do you set Internet Explorer Home Page in the tile interface?

The answer is: you can’t. Not in the new “modern”/metro version – yes, I know – CRAZY!

Essentially your Surface tablet has two versions of Internet Explorer. One for the desktop mode and one for Metro (tile) mode. They share certain information between them but they are two different applications. So, in order to set a home page in Internet Explorer 10 tile, you have to do it via the desktop version of Internet Explorer.

Here is how:

1. Open Internet Explorer in desktop mode

2. Click/tap the gear at the top right corner of your Internet Explorer window

3. Choose Internet Options

4. Under general tab type in your desired home page

5. Hit Apply and OK.

When you go back to Internet Explorer Metro, you will now see your new home page. That’s it. That is how you set Internet Explorer home page. Having to do it in the desktop version is a bit of a pain but not really complicated.

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