Custom Wood Cover for Surface Book or Surface Tablets

Custom Wood Cover for Surface

Did you score a new Surface Book, Surface 3, or Surface Pro 4 for the holidays? Do you want to protect your Surface from bumps and scratches? Do you like to make a unique statement? Do you like the look and feel of real wood?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then you need to check out a custom wood cover for Surface devices from Toast. Toast makes (sustainably grown) wooden laptop and tablet covers that can be laser etched with your own custom design or logo.

Custom Wood Cover for Surface Book or Surface Tablets

They offer a choice of four different types of wood (walnut, bamboo, ebony and ash). Each offers a unique, and pretty awesome, look.

Custom Wood Cover for Surface: Get One

They look great!!! How do I get one?

Basically, you just have to go to the Toast Website, select the proper model (they make covers for all of them), upload your design (optional) and order it. From there they’ll contact you to make sure it looks good before shipping it to you. Here’s a graphic from their website describing the whole process:

Custom Wood Cover for Surface - Process

While few can deny that they’re awesome, they aren’t cheap. They start at $49 USD (for a Surface Tablet) and go up from there depending on what panels you want. If you have a Surface Book, you’ll be paying, at least, $69 USD. In addition, the wood panels must be glued to your Surface or Surface Book. Doing so, will make it a little thicker/heavier and it will be (pretty much) a permanent alteration. So, don’t get one of these covers if you are concerned about any of those things.

But, if you’re looking for a way to make your Surface stand out from the crowd, it’ll be hard to top one of these custom wood covers.


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