Microsoft Surface Kindle Reader Review

Microsoft Surface Kindle Reader Review
Kindle Reader Review for Surface Tablets:

  • Name: Kindle
  • Cost: $Free$
  • Runs on: Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2
  • Find it: Windows Apps Store

Kindle Reader Review: Overview and Features

One of my friends recently bought a Kindle Paperwhite and has been raving about it. And although I like the idea of it, I really do not want yet another device to keep track of (I already have too many). So, I thought I’d write a review of the Kindle Reader for Microsoft Surface that I use. The reader can be downloaded from the Windows Apps Store.

I was a bit surprised when I saw the store reviews – they only averaged three stars. And frankly when I read through them, most of them were wrong. Folks were complaining about lack of some of the basic features, which are there – I guess they haven’t explored the settings.

The Windows Kindle Reader comes with the following features:

  • Online and Offline use – yes, I put it in Airplane mode and still read my books (I don’t know why folks are complaining about his.)
  • Sharing and notes: Share, highlight passages, and keep notes without leaving the page.
  • Instant Delivery: Find books, try samples, and begin reading
  • Shop at Kindle store
  • Read books in the Cloud or On Device
  • Adjustable Font Size
  • Adjustable Margins
  • Adjustable Color Mode: White/Sepia/Black
  • One or two Column view (on/off) – people were complaining that this does not exist
  • Show Reading Location (on/off)

Kindle Reader Review: Pros

  • Sound button – ability to hear the correct pronunciation of words you want to look up
  • Pin an individual book to Start screen – love this feature!
  • Long form factor – I find it easier to read a long page
  • split screen – see the full definition side-by-side with your current page

Kindle Reader Review: Cons

  • No line spacing, and no Typeface adjustments – I don’t really care about this but others might
  • Lack of Newspaper Kindle subscriptions
  • Couldn’t figure out the Share. Kindle devices let you share via Twitter and Facebook and show highlights on the device.
  • Lack of Free borrowing from Kindle Owner’s Lending Library for Amazon Prime members.

Kindle Reader Review: Conclusion and Rating

I really like the Kindle Reader App for my Surface. Clearly, the Kindle Fire has some extra features because it was designed by Amazon to read Amazon books. But I truly do not have any complaints about the Kindle Reader App for my Surface RT. I also really like the long portrait view, more fits on one page and I just like it better. I am giving this app five out of five smilies.


PS. Besides reading books, you can use the Surface for so much more. I also own a Kindle Fire and absolutely hate using it for anything other than a book reader. Seriously, the OS sucks! However, I love the Amazon store for books and I have a Prime membership for videos and music – totally awesome! If you want to try Amazon Prime for free, just follow this link for a Free 30-day Trial. That’s my 2 cents.

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