Weekly Surface News Roundup – 3 January 2016


The holidays are always a sparse time for Surface-related news. Right after Christmas, companies stop announcing their plans and scale back their rollouts because they know that many people are too busy crashing their new drones to pay attention 🙂

However, as always, there were a few notable Surface-related stories this week. Here’s the run-down:

  • Promising Surface Phone Concept
  • SP4 Release Date for India
  • Windows 10 Growth Slows

OK, let’s jump in.


Weekly Surface News Roundup Surface Phone is Still a Thing

Weekly Surface News Roundup: Promising Surface Phone Concept

With the low adoption rate of Windows Phones (many tech pundits have written them off as a flop), it seems odd that there are still rumors coming out of Microsoft that a new “Surface Phone” will be released this year.

So, I got to wondering, what would Microsoft have to build to make a “killer” Surface Phone that everyone would want? It seems I’m not the only one. DeviantArt user, DKIRRO put together a concept Surface Phone with as stylish edge to edge screen and metallic build – click the DeviantArt link below to see the concept.

In addition, unlike so many phone concepts, he even included specs:

  • Intel Atom X7 processor (same family as a Surface 3)
  • OLED display with Quad HD resolution (size unspecified)
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • 21-megapixel rear camera featuring triple-LED flash & 6-way stabilization
  • 3D front-facing camera supporting Windows Hello
  • A 3100 mAh battery
  • HTC’s BoomSound technology with what looks to be dual speakers at the top of the handset
  • A USB Type-C port
  • Force Touch
  • Windows 10 Mobile OS

So, while I know this is just a concept, I’m curious. If Microsoft releases a phone with these (or close to these) features, would you buy it? Do you think it would finally be the device that put Windows Phones “on the map?”

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Weekly Surface News Roundup: SP4 Release Date for India

Earlier this week, Microsoft sent out invites to the media informing of a launch event in New Delhi on January 7th. According to Surface Pro 4 release on the tropical subcontinent.

So, if you’re in India and are itching to get your hands on a new SP4, your wait is (very likely) just about over.

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Surface News Roundup - MPC

Weekly Surface News Roundup: Windows 10 Growth Slows

If you’ve resisted the free upgrade to Windows 10 on your Surface, you’re not alone. While Windows 10 adoption has been steadily growing at a low rate, the growth seems to be slowing.

According to numbers from Netmarketshare, Windows 10 adoption grew by 1.42% in September, in October it grew by 1.31% and in November, it increased another 1.06% percentage points. Following this decreasing trend, in December, Windows 10 saw a mere 0.96% growth in adoption. For an operating system that’s not only free but being “forcefully” pushed onto users, that trend has to be concerning Microsoft.

Let’s face it, you would expect a “free” operating system that’s being pushed onto users to be getting more gains than that. So, why isn’t it?

My theory is that many Windows tablet owners (Surface) are happy with Windows 8.1. Factor in the fact that many businesses are hanging onto Win XP and Win 7 like a dog with a bone. So, will Microsoft just push Windows 10 adoption harder? Or, will they change tactics and fix whatever is holding people back?

I guess we’ll find out together.

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That’s it for this week’s Surface news roundup. Come back next week to stay informed about news affecting Surface tablets.


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