What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Urban Armor Gear for Surface Pro 4


Cady Messenger Cube is beautifully crafted with heavy duty outer hard shell. It is composed with leather like material with zippers that goes around all sides for a secure fit. Compare to other cases reviewed here, this one has the toughest shell and it is water proof.

The interior of the case has many slots to hold your accessories. One side has a strap that can hold note books, wallet, charger, and etc. The other side is composed with slots to hold smaller items such as keys, coins and the Surface Pro 4 pen. As you can see, the charger fits easily within the case, so this case can be carried by itself without needing to carry a larger bag.

Protection from Drops and Liquid

The Cady Messenger Cube is a heavy duty case which can protect the Surface Pro 4 from drops. Of course, not all drops are created equal but I would say it would survive a normal drop from a desk height. It can also protect the device from liquid damages since it is sealed with zippers from all sides. I wouldn’t drop it into a pool of water but for a typical rainy day, you can use it without worrying about damaging your Surface Pro 4.


This is not only a case but it is also a traveling bag. Cady Messenger Cube has a top handle and also provides a shoulder strap.

If you like this case, you’ll find it here.

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