What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Inateck Case for Surface Pro 4


As the name suggest, it is snug and it is primarily a slick leather-like sleeve for the Surface Pro 4. It is well crafted and very stylish to carry your Surface Pro 4 by hand. It feels high quality.


Snugg is more for style than functionality because of its simplistic slick design. This case does not provide many pockets or slots for accessories. The Surface Pro 4 is secured by a magnetic button that closes the flap which feels sleek and nice at first, but I find it unstable at times. It does come off occasionally when I didn’t want it to. I’m sure over time as the magnets become weaker, it could potentially become an issue.

The main slot hold your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the type cover and a slot for your pen. As mentioned before, it fits quite snugly (no pun intended!).

In the front of the case there is also a card holder for your standard credit card size. Once again, it fits quite snugly, but I wouldn’t put anything valuable in this holder. You can’t really fit anything more than a thick card or two.

There is a back compartment where you may hold your phone, earphones or other smaller accessories. Once again, this compartment is tight. I wouldn’t put anything that might get damaged when compressed. My earphones are blue tooth kinds, so they are quite compact but it does bulge out this pocket as you can see above.

Protection from Drops and Liquids

I would not recommend anyone to leave this case near a moist area because the flap may open. At least all surfaces are covered, so I would say it will be able to handle some water sprays. It appears that the water does not get absorbed into the material easily so if you wipe out quickly, there won’t be any water damage.

The lack of cushioning inside will not handle drops very well. Nevertheless, the soft inner lining can protect the Surface Pro 4 if you lightly bump into hard objects.


Any damages to the Snugg case is covered by their claimed lifetime warranty which is a great addition to any product. Make sure to read their small writings though.

If you are interested in this case, you’ll find them here.

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