What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Conclusion - What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4

Daniel’s Final Thoughts

So which case is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

To start, The Snugg is a very slim and stylish case which is also a sacrifice for the functionality. Its slick and narrow look feel makes it comfortable to hold in your hands. Pricing of the Snugg case is reasonable, but not the cheapest of the group. The Snugg is available in several colors.

The Inateck sleeve is made out of a soft felt material which is perfect for keeping it in your bag. Although it lacks pockets for bulky accessories, it does come with a charger case. This is one of the cheapest in this group while offering decent value if you can live with its restrictions.

The Cady Messenger Cube is a heavy duty carrying bag which also carries all your other essential. It has many slots while keeping the case slick and stylish. Obviously this also means it is the heaviest and the bulkiest but still feels surprisingly light for what you get. I would recommend this case for those who may only carry the Surface Pro 4 without using another bag. The Cady Messenger Cube is available in several colors.

The Urban Amour Gear features a high quality case that is one of the most durable cases I’ve seen on the Surface Pro 4. If the durability & protection is what you want, this is it. But it is far from water tight.

The Exact is built with cheapness in mind and not much else. Unless you are incredibly tight in budget, you probably don’t want this product. Not exactly the best case for the Surface Pro 4.

Hey guys please comment below which one fits you best and why. Many more cases are coming so stay tuned and if you have any suggestions about cases, please let me know! Many Thanks!

John’s Pick

I realize that the best case for the Surface Pro 4 is subjective, so please keep that in mind when you read the case of my choice.

I have tried each bag for a while as well, trying to figure out which is the best for me. I’m the type who likes to carry a laptop, a tablet, an external battery, two earphones, a power bar, and couple of phone/laptop chargers along with necessary cables. So I am forced to use a laptop backpack. Given this, Inateck sleeve works great for me. I no longer have to worry about the Surface Pro 4 getting scratched and since it is within another bag, I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. I also don’t have to worry about other stuff getting damaged by the exterior of the case due to its soft build. The weight is very light which is a huge plus.

I’ll be using this case for the next 6 months or so and I can report back on its durability.

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