What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Conclusion - What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4


Please check this link for the latest price.


This case is made out of a soft leather like material. It feels very cheap (it actually is!) in hand and the cut outs for the speaker is uneven. Nevertheless it does not block the Surface Pro 4 speakers.

The leather like material is very flimsy and it is not sturdy.

The stand on this case does not stand well and it can rock around if not careful.

Protection from Drops or Liquid

I would not recommend using the Surface Pro 4 in moist area. This case would not do a great job in drops either.


This case provides a strap that locks the flap from opening and it is secure band.

On the flap there are two slots for your credit card and anything of that size. There is also a slot for your micro SD card.

On the top of your case there is a slot for you Surface Pro 4 Pen.

There is a cut out from the right side of the display to access your Action Center and on the left side to show your opened windows.

If you are looking for this case, you’ll find them here.

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