What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Cady Messenger Cube Case for Surface Pro 4


The Inateck is a sleeve that is primarily made out of soft felt material. But the soft felt material makes the case feel flimsy. The stitches do look and feel quite strong though so I wouldn’t be concerned about the build quality. Due to its soft material, you won’t need to worry about the Surface Pro 4 developing any scratches as you repeatedly insert and remove the Surface Pro 4 from the case. The material feels soft and smooth to the touch.


The Surface Pro 4 is secured inside by a button that closes the flap and it safely secures the device. But this is not a magnet based button so it will make some noise whenever you open the case. If you need a totally silent case, this case is not for you. But you will not need to worry about it being open when you don’t want it to. The main compartment is not big enough to handle both the Surface Pro 4 and the pen.

Inateck case has a slot in the front for your accessories but it lacks a slot for the Surface Pro 4 pen. If you want to keep the overall profile of the case slim, you can’t put anything thick in this slot. The pen and a charging cable fits well but the Surface Pro 4 charger will not fit in this slot very gracefully. The sleeve cover  goes over this slot so when the case is closed, it won’t fall off even if you shake it upside down (not that I recommend it!)

Protection from Drops and Liquid

The soft felt like material does not protect from drops very well. Furthermore, interior of the case does not have much padding. It will protect the Surface Pro 4 from light bumps but clearly it is not designed for hard bumps. This case is really designed to protect against light bumps and perhaps more importantly, scratches when it is being stored with other sharper and harder objects, such as your school bags.

This material can easily be soaked when in contact with liquid and water damages can occur easily. Don’t use this case when it is wet outside.


Inateck provides us a carrying case for our Surface Pro 4 charger. This is a separate pouch that you need to carry alongside your main case. It does an excellent job protecting your charger while it is in your bag. This is another reason why you will want to carry this case  and the main case inside another (larger) bag.

If you are looking for this case, you’ll find them here.

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