What is the best case for the Surface Pro 4?

Exact Case for Surface Pro 4


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From all the cases I have review so far, I would have to say UAG has the best build quality. At the first glance, the rubber sides felt flimsy but when attached to the Surface Pro 4 it locks in very tightly.

This case is comprised of mostly soft rubber and an aluminum kickstand. The kickstand is very sturdy and it is designed to withstand just about anything. The aluminum kickstand has the UAG engraved.

Protections From Drops and Liquid

This hard duty case can withstand drop impacts because the inside of the case is protected by a soft rubber. UAG secures the Surface Pro 4 so it would not accidentally fall out.

I would not recommend using this case under moist environment because it does not protect it from splashes. The case makes absolutely no effort to make itself water tight.


On the top of the case there is a Surface pen holder but unfortunately it is not very secure. I believe it is designed that way for an easy attachment. Unfortunately, that also means it is easier to pop out. I personally would not hold my pen in this slot since the pen costs a pretty penny to replace for the Surface Pro 4.

Beside the Surface pen holder the case also features buttons for the volume and the power. The rubber button sticks out and it is very easy to click. Its an interesting design that works.

There are small holes on the sides for fans and air ventilation. There is a hole for the 3.5 mm headphone jack. These are thoughtful touches.

On the lateral side there are holes for the HDMI, USB and charging port.

The Surface Pro 4 can be used in landscape mode and the kickstand can hold the Surface Pro 4 in a portrait mode as well without issues.

There is a mini strap in the top corner that holds the flip cover keyboard in place. Looks gimmicky but it is surprisingly secure.

It features soft rubber material that locked in your Surface from falling out and have a mini strap that holds your type cover closed.

If you are looking for this case, you’ll find them here.

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