Intel Kaby Lake processor coming soon, will ASUS Transformer 3 Pro use it?

On Wednesday, Intel made their earning call and their CEO has announced that large volume of Kaby Lake processors will become available very soon. Intel has started shipping the early copies to the PC manufacturers already and typically the PC manufacturers start deliver new models using the new processors within 3-4 months after the announcement of the processor. This means we should see models using Kaby Lake processors starting in October / November time frame. This is probably too early for Microsoft to adapt Kaby Lakes in their Surface Pro 5 / Book 2. Perhaps the Transformer 3 Pro will be the first model to use this new generation processor after all.

Also it appears that Intel is rather enjoying their success in the Kaby Lake manufacturing process. Apparently, the yield they are getting on the Kaby Lake processors are higher than expected, hence their inventory level is currently little higher than Intel’s original expectation.

LoveMySurface will publish comparison reviews of each competing models as they become available on the market.

Kent Beck

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