Which Surface Should I Buy?

Which Surface Should I Buy?

With all of the options Microsoft has made available for Surface tablets, you might be asking yourself “which Surface should I buy?”

Who can blame you? There are already 5 options for the Surface Pro 3 and soon to be 4 options for the Surface 3, let alone all of the previous versions and the new Surface Pro 4 on the horizon.

To make things worse, most reviews and articles about the choices tend to discuss technical specifications and enough geek-speak to make your eyes bleed.

Why can’t someone come up with a simple flowchart to help non-techies choose which Surface is right for them?

Which New Surface Should I Buy: Flowchart

So I did just that. If you click on the graphic below, you’ll get a full-sized flowchart (WARNING: IT’S HUGE) guiding you through simple questions to help you decide which Surface is right for you. It is based on how you’ll use it, whether or not you need LTE, and whether or not you have to have the latest and greatest new toy…

Be aware that no simple flowchart (unless it’s too complicated to follow) can answer every question you may have. This one is no exception.

However, this will give you a recommendation on which Surface tablet to buy. If nothing else, it should provide you with a starting point to ask more relevant questions.

If you would like to share it or use it somewhere else, feel free. Just make sure to leave the Love My Surface logo intact and give me a link back.


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