Where To Buy A Surface Book Or Surface Pro 4 in the USA

buy a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4

Tired of trying to hunt down the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4?

Surface Pro 4s and Surface Books are going like hotcakes. Surface Books were sold out for a while in Microsoft Online Store but the company keeps adding more, so inventory keeps changing, sometimes hour-to-hour. The Surface Pro 4s are doing the same with some models occasionally sold out as well.

You already know that you can order these new devices from Microsoft Online Store but did you know you can also get them from a bunch of other retailers?

Well, you can. Read on to find out where to buy a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 in the USA..

If you’re looking to buy, order, or just look at a demo units, check out these places:

Microsoft Retail Stores – these are the brick and mortar stores. They are supposed to get a certain amount of inventory of the devices on Oct. 26. We went to our local store and they told us that the Surface Books can still be reserved through them but they may not arrive until Nov. 6.

Best Buy – this retailer also has all the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices online for pre-order. They did not have any demo units in the store when we went yesterday though. And they, too, have many of the pre-order options sold out and on waitlist only.

Costco – Costco does not have all of the models available and they only sell them in bundles. This means that you can get a good deal but only if you were planning on buying what’s in the bundle anyway, otherwise you may be getting stuff you don’t want or need.

Amazon – Amazon is has a great inventory. They seem to be directly connected to Microsoft’s system because as the Surfaces go in and out of stock, they immediately show up on Amazon. The even have a Surface Store.

Tiger Direct – you can order Surface Pro 4, including the custom i7 models, here but no Surface Books yet.

Target – they have Surface Pro 4 for preorders along with the Type Covers. They do not however, have Surface Books (at least the time of this writing).

Other places that either carry or will carry Surface devices are:

  • Walmart
  • AT&T
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • Staples

Keep in mind, these places may not all have the latest devices yet. Finally, There are a few other, less known, resellers in the USA you may want to check out. See the complete list here: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/buy

So, there you have it, that’s where you can buy a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. If a retailer doesn’t have it yet, they likely will soon. If you’re like Tim and really had you heart set on a Surface Book but waited to long to decide, you may want to check out all or some of the above and see if you have better luck with them than the Online Microsoft Store. And yes, I did let Tim get the i7 Surface Book 🙂


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