Now All Surface Book Models Are Sold Out

Now All Surface Book Models Are Sold Out

Just yesterday I posted an article about the i7 versions of the Surface Book being sold out in the US (and Canada). Now, ALL versions of the Surface Book pre-orders give you the “Email me when available” button if you visit the Online Microsoft Store.

It seems that Microsoft has a hit on their hands but, it’s potentially bad news for folks waiting to get a Surface Book in the US or Canada since it means you probably won’t be getting one when they are released in a couple of weeks (Oct 26th).

Even the Best Buy pre-orders have dried up (they were still working as of yesterday afternoon).

All Surface Book Models Are Sold Out: What About The SP4?

On the plus side, with the exception of the i5 16GB RAM model, (which is also sold out at this point) you can still pre-order the Surface Pro 4 from both Best Buy and the Online Microsoft Store (for now, at least).

So, if you’re planning on pre-ordering a Surface Pro 4. Better do it now. Otherwise, you might have to wait a few extra weeks to get one.



UPDATE (10/14 – 19:57): Now all of the Surface Book pre-order options have returned. However, the Surface Pro 4 i5/16GB is still showing as “email me when available” so, if your trying to pre-order a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 and the model you want is not available, start checking back occasionally and you might get lucky.

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