Delete Internet Explorer 11 Cache on Exit, on Surface

Video Instructions on how to delete Internet Explorer 11 cache on Exit.

Delete Internet Explorer 11 Cache on Exit Video
A few months ago, we wrote instructions on how to delete internet history in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (IE 10 & 11), see How to Delete Internet History in IE 10 & 11.

Recently, however, it came to our attention that many folks wanted to delete Internet Explorer 11 cache on exit. The difference is that it deletes it automatically every time the Internet Explorer application is closed, instead of doing it manually. This is a little tricky in the Metro interface. So, we created the video below to show you how it works. Enjoy!

If you prefer, here are the steps:

  1. Open Inter Explorer in Desktop Mode
  2. Go to Tools and Internet Options
  3. Under General tab:
  4. Check the box “Delete browsing history on exit
  5. Click Delete, to clear already saved cache.

HERE IS THE TRICK: This will work in Desktop Mode as well as in Metro mode, as long as you close the Internet Explorer application properly. Simply swiping it from top to bottom doesn’t actually close it. You have to hold it down for about 3 seconds before letting go of it.

See, this nice write-up from Windows8core, on how to close applications in Windows 8x:

Hope this helps clear up any confusion on how to delete Internet Explorer 11 Cache on Exit.

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