Surface Tip: Tether Surface and Windows Phone

Tip of the Week: How to share a data connection between Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablets

What happens when you’re in an area that does not have WiFi but you need to get on the web with your Surface tablet?  No problem. You can share the data connection from you Windows 8 phone to your Surface RT/Pro. Sharing a cellular data connection with another device is also called tethering. It essentially turns your Windows 8 phone into a mobile hotspot.

Warning: this solution will use your cellular data plan (i.e. your phone’s plan), so be careful because you may go over your data limit and get additional charge$ from your wireless provider. Some carriers may also require you to purchase an additional plan for data sharing.

Note: You will obviously have to have a decent cellular signal to attempt this. I use AT&T with my Windows 8 (Nokia 920) phone and I was able to set this up instantly. No problems, no hassles, no extra plans. No fuss, no muss.

Here is how you tether your Surface and Windows Phone:

  • From your Phone, goto Settings
  • Next, pick Internet Sharing
  • Turn Sharing to On
  • Leave the default settings (name and password for your new network)

If you don’t like the default name or password, you can change it easy enough, just do the following:

  • Click Setup
  • In the Broadcast name box type a network name for you network.
  • In Password box type the password required to connect to share connection

Next, you’re ready to connect to your new Wi-Fi hotspot from your Surface Pro or Surface RT. Voilà! You are done!

If you’re having trouble with your connection, please see our post on Resetting Wireless Connections.

That is all you have to do to tether your Surface and Windows Phone. You can now browse the web and access network resources on your Surface tablet even if you don’t have WiFi available.


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