Free Getting Started with Surface Tablets E-book!

Getting Started with Surface Tablets Guide
Happy New Year!

We want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and offer those of you new to using Surface tablets a free e-book to get you started.

Whether you own a Surface RT/2 or a Surface Pro/Pro2 this e-guide is designed to help you get started using your Surface tablet like a pro, right away.

To get it, simply click on the link below and subscribe to our blog. Not only will you get access to a free e-book Getting Started with Surface Tablets, you’ll also receive updates of new posts which include helpful tips and advice on how to effectively use your new Surface tablet. Note: if you’re already a subscriber, you will receive a complimentary copy via email shortly.

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 The Getting Started with Surface Tablets e-guide includes sections on the following:

  • Familiarizing yourself with hardware of your new Surface tablet
  • Gestures and Stylus input
  • Getting Acquainted with the new version of Windows
  • Email setup
  • Picture Password and PIN setup
  • Backup and restore of your files and folders
  • Useful accessories guide

We hope you enjoy this free e-guide and welcome any feedback you may have.

Happy New Year! 

Tim and Joanna

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