Cool Surface Gifts for the Holidays

Cool Surface Gift - type cover
Here is a list of cool Surface gifts you can get someone or yourself…

The shopping frenzy has begun. We went to a department store yesterday and could not believe the lines. But with the Holidays right around the corner, you too may be interested in purchasing a few fun and cool Surface accessories for someone you care about (or just to treat yourself). We thought we’d give you a list of some of the more interesting and unusual Surface accessories we’ve found.

We believe they would all make excellent holiday gifts. All of them are on our list 🙂 too. And the best part is that they are all free shipping, so no waiting in lines.

Accessories for All Surface Tablets – RT/2 and Pro/2:

Cool Surface Gifts Car Mount
 Tablet Car Mount

We are super excited about this car mount. It’s on Joanna’s wish list. It allows for hands-free use of the tablet in the car. We’re not advocating that the driver does this but it would be useful for navigation and even passenger reading. It’s a cool Surface gift for anyone that’s in a car a lot.

Average Price: $59.99

Buy From: Amazon

wireless adapter
Wireless Adapter for Surface Keyboards

This little gadget turns your Surface keyboard into a wireless one. So, for example, if you use your Surface for presentations, you can have a keyboard that controls it from a distance; like the mouse below range is as much as 30 feet away. Pretty cool indeed.

Average Price: $59.99

Buy From: Microsoft

Cool Surface Gifts
Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

This mouse is pretty neat. If you’ve never seen one, it’s bends to the shape you want for your hand. It also works from 30 feet away and tracks on just about any surface. The MS Surface edition is more expensive but it matches the Surface finish nicely. It’s your choice but it definitely is a cool MS Surface gift.

Average Price: $69.99 or $36.82 for non-Surface edition

Buy From: Amazon

Cool Surface Gift
Surface Car Charger

You can not only charge your Surface in your car but also one other USB device. We’ve been waiting for these for a while. We don’t recommend buying one of the knockoff ones for a cheaper price because you may ruin your battery and/or device. This is definitely a cool Surface gift for anyone that travels with a Surface tablet.

Average Price: $49.99

Buy From: Microsoft

Cool surface gift
SumacLife SumacLife Cady Hard Carrying Case 13.3″

We still maintain that this is the best carrying case out there. We now recommend the 13.3″ because it’s more versatile for carrying other things, like file folders and such, with your Surface. We’ve had one of there for a while and still love it. Check out our review of different types of carrying cases  in Surface Tablet Case Reviews post.

Average Price: $36.90

Buy From: Amazon

cool surface gift eithernet adapter
Surface USB3 to Ethernet adapter

You may be wondering: why in the world do I need that when the Surface is wireless. Well, we’ve personally both encountered times where WiFi is not available and we need to use the Surface for either a presentation or just for meeting notes. We would call this a cool Surface gift. The one from Microsoft is designed specifically for Surface Pros but we can’t see why it wouldn’t work for Surface 2s. You can also use a generic one from Amazon.

Average Price: $39.99 or 31.99 from Amazon

Buy From: Amazon

Capacitive Brush and Stylus
Sensu Capacitive Brush and Stylus in one

This brushstylus is great for drawing on any capacitive device. Can be used on any Surface tablet to draw, paint, and navigate. If you’re a bit of an artist, you will enjoy the capacitive bristles of the artist brush. A very awesome Surface gift.

Average Price: $39.99

Buy From: Amazon

Accessories for Surface Pro/2 Only:

Cool Surface Gifts Incipio Feather Case for Surface Pro
Incipio Feather Case

The reason that we think this case is cool is because it’s a lightweight snap-on that allows for full access to the built-in kickstand. This rigid case provides a soft-touch finish that is also no-slip. It is designed for Surface Pros. A totally cool Surface Gift.

Average Price: $39.99

Buy From: Microsoft

docking station for Surface Prodock
Microsoft Docking Station

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, the Microsoft docking station designed especially for the Surface Pro line is pretty slick. It acts as stand for the tablet and includes display port, an audio jacks, an Ethernet port, high-speed USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports. A most awesomely cool Surface gift for the holidays!

Average Price: $199.99

Buy From: Microsoft

We believe that most folks would be happy with any of the above as a gift. So, we consider them cool and useful. Of course, don’t forget the basics like the touch and type covers, SD cards, VGA adapters and so on, you can find them all at the check out our Amazon Accessories Store.

Let us know if you have other ideas for Cool Surface Gifts that you may want or that you have found really useful.

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