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When it comes to pieces of technology that can do amazing things, the Surface Book 2 is no exception. Between its high specs and convenient design, the Surface Book 2 provides an easy to transport laptop for many users. However, those conveniences require a rather costly investment—and you’ll want to protect your Surface Book as well as you possibly can.

To that end, you’ll want to find a Surface Book 2 case that can keep away both the usual wear and tear of travel and any larger mishaps that may happen along the way. However, while there are plenty of cases out there, not all of them can provide the protection your Surface Book 2 deserves. Thankfully, we’ve got the complete guide to finding the best case for your Surface Book 2.

Here are our picks for the nine best Surface Book 2 cases

Best Surface Book 2 case Comparison Table

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IPearl MCover Hard Shell Case For 13.5-Inch Surface Book 2
MCover Hard Shell Case
Urban Armor Gear Surface Book Case
armor gear surface book case
Toast Surface Book 2 Wood Case
wood surface book case
Waterfield Surface Book 2 Sleevecase
sleevecase book case
ICarryAll Executive Surface Book Case
executive surface book case
Hongyixum Surface Book 2 Leather Case
leather book case
​​​​​Incipio Honu Sleeve
gray soft sleeve case
KuRoKo Case For Surface Book 2 
book case that keeps the part together
Hifriend Surface Book 2 Case
leather material book case

iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 13.5-Inch Surface Book 2 

MCover Hard Shell Case surface book 2 case

With its hard shell build, iPearl’s mCover case can stand up to any potential damage your Surface Book 2 may encounter. It also has cut out sections that allow you perfect access to your camera and microphones, letting you always operate at full capacity.

While some cases for Surface Books only come as one piece, the mCover has two separate shells that snap onto both the top and bottom of your laptop, protecting all angles.

The case also comes in multiple colors, from black to orange, allowing you to get excellent protection while still giving your computer some personality. While the mCover is excellent in many aspects, it only comes in one size, fitting the 13.5 model of laptops. If you have the fifteen-inch Surface Book 2, then you’ll need to pick one of the other cases on our list.


  • Separate shells for both halves of the computer
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy access to camera and microphones


Urban Armor Gear Surface Book Case

armor gear surface book case surface book 2 case

Urban Armor Gear’s Surface Book Case is no slouch in the protection department. UAG makes their cases with high-quality material that’s both lightweight and incredibly durable. With military grade protection, you can rest easy that your Surface Book 2 will survive any accident without harm, including drops from tall heights.


Aside from its overall protective capabilities, the UAG case also has cooling vents that help prevent overheating. It even has a dual locks feature, keeping the laptop away from other’s access, and there’s a pen holder to help keep all your gear in one piece. For those that routinely switch between clipboard and laptop mode, UAG’s case stays connected for maximum protection.

A sturdy Surface Book Case overall, UAG, unfortunately, does not have a model that can fit fifteen inch Surface Books. The high quality of these cases also makes them some of the most expensive.


  • Military-grade protection can withstand even drops from tall heights
  • Cooling vent
  • Dual lock feature
  • Attached pen holder


  • No case available for fifteen inch Surface Books
  • One of the costlier picks on our list

Toast Surface Book 2 Wood Case

When it comes to protective cases for any technology, there seems to be a trade-off between having something that keeps your computer safe and having something that’s aesthetically pleasing to have. Toast Surface makes that decision a thing of the past with its wood case. With a precision cut wood design, this case is sure to make an incredible addition to your computer.

Of course, it’s not just merely a pretty accessory. Toast Surface’s Surface Book 2 case provides complete protection to all ends of your laptop, including the fulcrum hinge that gives the Surface Book its flexibility.

Because of the build of this case, though, it can be rather expensive. But if you have the money for it, this case is more than worth the investment.


  • Wood design is both unique and durable
  • Protects the Surface Book’s hinge


  • The most expensive of our top picks

Waterfield Surface Book 2 Sleevecase

Plenty of protective laptop cases attach directly to the computer itself, but that’s not always the best fit for everyone. If you’re instead looking for a Surface Book case to upgrade your old laptop bag, Waterfield has a product that’s worth considering. The sleeve case has a soft interior, a pen loop, and a back pocket for extra storage, and it fits both available sizes of Surface Books.

You even get the opportunity to pick out a case that best fits you. Waterfield offers both horizontal and vertical models. To help further match your style, you can choose between the canvas and nylon materials. It’s also possible to get D-rings and shoulder straps to transform the case into an easy to carry bag.

While this case doesn’t provide constant protection to your Surface Book 2, it’s still an excellent way to transport your laptop. Just be aware that if you want to order a shoulder strap with the case, you’ll be looking at additional costs.


  • Fits both sizes of Surface Books
  • Plenty of storage
  • Can customize certain aspects of the design


  • Doesn’t stay connected to your laptop
  • Adding a shoulder strap can increase the cost

ICarryAll Executive Surface Book Case

The Executive Surface Book Case from iCarryAll brings together sleek looks with practicality. The microfiber works twofold—not only does it give a classy and professional look, but it also helps protect the Surface Book’s skin and screen. The material is also waterproof, meaning that you have less to worry about when it comes to unexpected spills.

The Executive Surface Book Case comes in a variety of designs, all of which allow you always to access your laptop’s ports and buttons. The build also allows you to detach the screen and the keyboard without needing to remove the case. When you close the screen, the case’s elastic strap can help you secure it shut.

Like many other cases on this list, there isn’t a fifteen-inch model available for those with the larger version of the Surface Book 2. However, iCarryAll seems to have one in the works.


  • Microfiber design
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple designs available
  • Can separate screen and keyboard without removing the case


  • Does not currently have a case for fifteen-inch models

Hongyixum Surface Book 2 Leather Case

While the Surface Book 2 can support itself when the keyboard and screen are connected, the same doesn’t quite hold for the tablet portion. Hongyixum’s leather case helps provide a solution to this issue, with an included kickstand to support the Surface Book 2 during those times when the keyboard gets in the way.

Aside from how it lets you use the tablet on its own, this model further embodies flexibility in its design. With the wrap-around configuration, you can easily adjust the case to however you need it to perform—all while still keeping your Surface Book safe from any harm. Regarding price, it’s more affordable in comparison to some other top picks.

While the flexibility of Hongyixum’s case can be great for the convenience of use, it doesn’t provide the same amount of hardcore protection you’ll find in some other models. There’s once again no fifteen-inch case available.


  • Flexible design
  • Comes with a kickstand to support tablet on its own
  • One of the more affordable options


  • Not as durable as some other cases on the market
  • No fifteen-inch case

Incipio Honu Sleeve 

Incipio’s Honu Sleeve protects your Surface Book 2, whether you want to carry it on its own or stow it in your bag. For people who bring a lot of tech with them, it can be easy for extra accessories to scratch up a computer—and this sleeve helps prevent that. While not providing the same constant protection as some other cases, it does come at a reasonable price.

The overall design of the Honu Sleeve is one of its biggest draws, with green, pink, and purple nylon options available. That material is also durable, and the honeycomb stitch pattern across the top helps reinforce the case, helping it last. While it’s not entirely waterproof, you can expect protection from some stray moisture.

Aside from the lack of a fifteen-inch model, Incipio only sells its Surface Book 2 sleeve through its website, and not through other online retailers.


  • Provides protection when transporting your Surface Book 2
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable and appealing design
  • Microsuede padding protects from moisture


  • No model for fifteen-inch computers
  • Can be hard to find retailers

KuRoKo Case For Surface Book 2

KuRoKo’s Surface Book 2 case has a lot going for it. The design helps to protect your computer while still allowing easy access to your ports. You can even easily get to the bottom of your Surface Book without needing to remove the case if necessary. The KuRoKo makes using your computer comfortable, and there’s even a kickstand to support the tablet half whenever you need it.

This case is another model that allows you to keep the parts attached, even when you separate the keyboard from the tablet. While not real leather, the materials for the cover not only look good but help you keep a close grip on your Surface Book as you carry it around. The inside is also made from quality material, adding to the overall durability. You also get comprehensive screen protection.

Unlike some of the other picks on our list, this Surface Book 2 case only comes in one color, so that can limit your options. The lack of a model that fits the fifteen-inch model is another downside.


  • Comes with a kickstand for tablet only support
  • Provides easy access to ports and separation
  • Materials offer protection, durability, and a close grip on the computer
  • Comes with comprehensive screen protection


  • Just comes in one color and design
  • No fifteen-inch case

Hifriend Surface Book 2 Case

For a computer case that’s sure to impress, you can count on the Hifriend’s product to do the job. Like the KuRoKo case, Hifriend offers a synthetic leather material along with stitched fabrics to help keep your laptop safe. The overall design has a portfolio feel, giving it a professional look that easily fits into any environment that demands a bit of class.

Aside from the overall look, this case comes in both models suitable for the fifteen- and thirteen-inch Surface Books, and both fall into the lower-middle range of pricing. Like many other of our top picks, you won’t have to remove the case to detach the parts of the Surface Book from each other, allowing for convenient use.

One thing to stay wary of with the Hifriend Case is how its design connects to the Surface Book. Unfortunately, this model does cover up some of the ventilation, which can be problematic if you need every ounce of performance from your computer.


  • Allows for easy detachment
  • Attractive PU leather material and portfolio design
  • Available for both thirteen- and fifteen-inch computers


  • Design partially covers up ventilation

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Surface Book 2 cases, you have multiple options in both the amount of protection you want along with the type of design you want to show off. For those that are content to let their laptops be as is and only want something to carry it around it, many companies also have Surface Book sleeves to provide just that.

Unfortunately, owners of the fifteen inch model of the Surface Book 2 have a bit fewer options at their disposal, but there are still some excellent cases that you can consider. Hopefully, as time goes on, we’ll see more companies expanding their range of available accessories. Until then, though, you’ll need to stay alert for products that fit your needs.

Some of the more protective Surface Book 2 cases have higher price tags on them, but you can still find more affordable options among our top picks. No matter what, though, your Surface Book 2 is a piece of technology that’s beyond worth the investment into any of our top picks!

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