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Netflix Reviewed: I’m reviewing the Netflix application available through the Microsoft Store for the Surface RT and Surface Pro. This happens to be my first software review on this blog and I thought Netflix would be a good choice since it was the first 3rd party app I installed after getting my Surface.

The app loads pretty fast on my Surface RT and it is very responsive. The menu is intuitive and pretty easily lets you look through your Top 10, New Releases & Genres. It’s also nice because as you scroll left and right, the menu shrinks up to the top and gives you the whole screen to look at the different categories for movies.

Each movie is displayed in a simple tile and if you tap one, it brings up more information about your selection.

Playback is snappy and of decent quality. Since it’s streaming, it’s hardly HD but it is very watchable. The built-in speakers are a bit quiet and tinny but, a good pair of headphones solves that problem.

Touching the screen will bring up the onscreen menu where you get several options such as the time slider. The controls are contextual to the type of movie or show you’re watching. For example, if you’re watching a TV series with multiple episodes there will be an option to view the episodes in that series where if it’s a movie, that option won’t be there.

While I haven’t had any problems with the RT devices I’ve tried the Netflix application with, some folks have reported  occasional streaming errors and crashes even though their internet connection was fine.

I can’t be sure but, my guess is that these folks had several applications running at the same time so, if you have this issue, try closing the other applications on the tablet.

So, the way I see it, the Netflix app is a winner. It has a lot going for it and not a whole lot against it.


Intuitive,Reports of occasional crashes

Easy to navigate,

Intelligent playback menu, [/table]

Final Verdict:  4.5/5

Get the Netflix app by clicking here

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