New Surface Book Announced

Microsoft Surface Book

During the Microsoft press event this morning, as expected, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 4 along with a couple of new phones and the new Microsoft Band 2.

Then they shocked everyone by announcing the Surface Book!!!

You can see the official Surface Book Launch video below:

Surface Book Announced: Tech Details

Like with the Surface Pro 4, we don’t have all of the details yet, we do know that the new Surface Book will be available for pre-order tomorrow (October 7th) and will be shipping October 26th. From the information presented at the briefing, we know it will offer the following:

  • Will start at $1499 USD
  • 6th Generation Intel Core (Skylake)
  • NVIDIA GPU with GDDR5 Memory placed in the keyboard section (woot!!!)
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • Up to 1TB Hard Drive
  • 13.5″ ‘PixelPense’ Display
  • Only 7.7 mm thick
  • 6MP Screen offering 267 DPI
  • 8MP Cameras
  • Detachable Backlit keyboard
  • Dual USB 3.0 ports in keyboard
  • Full-size SD card slot
  • Precision glass touchpad with 5-points of touch
  • Machined magnesium body
  • 12 Hour Battery life (Oh yeah, I’m going to test the heck out of that since they always overestimate)
  • A new Pen with 1024 points of pressure, the return of the “eraser” function for the end button, 1-year battery life, and magnetic storage.

Surface Book Announced: First Impressions

Let me sum it up this way; “I can’t wait until October 26th so I can get the Surface Book. Joanna can have the Surface Pro 4!!!!”

Hey, I’m a gamer. That GPU is really important to me.

Graphics capabilities aside, I find the placement of the GPU in the keyboard to be a really innovative feature. this does a few things:

  • It allows the tablet portion to be thinner and lighter
  • It also allows the tablet portion to have better battery life since it doesn’t have to feed the GPU when detached

If it works, I think it will be a really awesome feature that the rest of the pack will start replicating.



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