Microsoft Surface Studio out to Public this week?!

Hey guys, there have been reports of the Surface Studio will be shipped out this week!

The customers that have already pre-ordered the Surface Studio for December 15 will have a chance to receive it this week.

So for those who have pre-ordered your Microsoft Surface Studio, make sure you check you Email daily!

For those lucky few that received the confirmation Email from Microsoft will not only Surface Studio but also get a thank you letter.

They will also receive a personal hotline for technical problem with the device and also for feedbacks.

So cross your fingers guys! Lets hope one of us win this ‘raffle’!

Comment below if you have received it!

But for those who did not win, don’t worry you will get it in couple weeks in December 15th.

Also don’t forget, if you pre-order the Surface Studio now to December 1st you will receive the Surface Dial.

Click here for the information about the Surface Dial.

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