Best Touch Screen Monitors for Windows 10

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Between phones, tablets, and gaming devices, touchscreens have become increasingly commonplace in our lives. Computers are no exception to this trend, with everything from laptops to full desktop setups starting to have touchscreens implemented, increasing the flexibility of how we interact with and use our technology.

As it is, though, some touchscreens are better than others, whether it’s because of their image quality, their, functionality, or even their incorporation of specific features and technology. For those seeking to upgrade to touch, we’ve compiled our guide to the best touch screen monitors for Windows 10.

Best Touch Screen Monitors For Windows 10: Comparison Table

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Acer T272HL Touch Screen Widescreen Monitor

acer t272hl as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

Planar PCT2235

planar as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

Dell P2418HT

dell as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

ViewSonic TD2421 24-Inch 1080p Dual Point Optical Touch Screen Monitor

view sonic as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

Gechic 1303i Touchscreen Portable Monitor

gechic as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10


Touch Screen Monitor

toguard as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

Planar Helium PCT2485

 planar helium as one of the best touch screen monitors for windows 10

Review of the Best Touch Screen Monitors For Windows 10

Acer T272HL Touch Screen Widescreen Monitor

[amazon box=”B00G5AF1S0″]

To start our guide to the best touchscreen monitors for Windows 10, we have Acer’s T272HL widescreen monitor. This setup works excellently with Windows 10, but you can even connect it to Mac OS if the need arises. It also includes Acer’s EcoDisplay technology, which helps adjust energy output and can help you save a bit on your bill—especially if you’re a heavy computer user.

Not only does this monitor have the build to perform well, but it also provides incredible image quality across its entire twenty-seven inches. The brightness and contrast settings work to enhance that quality even further. No matter what other high-quality parts you have in your computer build, the T272HL Touch Screen monitor can keep up.

While this monitor does have impressive performance and plenty of other outlets, it’s missing a headphones output. If you regularly plug in and unplug your phones, this lack can quickly become inconvenient.


  • The display is scratch resistant
  • Stunning image quality
  • Suitable for any cutting edge computer setup
  • Also compatible with Mac OS


  • No headphone output

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Planar PCT2235

[amazon box=”B01E06JSI4″]

Sometimes trying to upgrade your computer components can be a strain on the finances, but you don’t always have to break the bank to get something of quality. The Planar PCT2235 monitor brings together a reasonable price with the performance those who don’t need a supped up setup can be happy with (for those that want that, see the Helium PCT2485).

The PCT2235 is lightweight and a broader tilt range than you can find on some other monitors. This build makes it easy to choose to a comfortable angle for use. You can even lie the display flat on your table or desk if you need to do so.

Regarding display, this monitor has excellent color accuracy, which is essential for anyone working with photos, videos, or other art.

However, that budget component means that there are some downsides, too—namely that it has a slow display response time. The viewing area and touch surface are also somewhat small in comparison to other monitors.


  • A top budget choice for touchscreen monitors
  • Lightweight
  • Able to lie flat on a table
  • Wide tilt range
  • Excellent color accuracy


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Dell P2418HT

[amazon box=”B01NBX1Q2T”]

Dell’s P2418 monitor brings together high-quality performance and a simple, thin design that allows you to focus on your screen picture without the bezel getting in the way.

Its ten-point gesture handling is compatible with Windows 10, and the 1920 x 1080 resolution helps display your screen. The anti-glare coating and wide viewing angles through IPS improve the experience.

The stand on this monitor also allows you to lie the screen flat on the table if you like. Additionally, if you wish to VESA mount your screen, the Dell P2418HT enables you to do just that, though you’ll need additional hardware to do the job. It also provides USB 3.0, HMDI, VGA, and display port for easy access.

While these connection options include some of the essentials, you may find that a much-needed port isn’t present on the P2418. It also isn’t as stable as some other models, and you may see that the monitor shakes when you type or use the touch screen features.


  • Simple, attractive design
  • A quality image and anti-glare protection
  • Allows you to lay the monitor flat or VESA mount
  • Has several available ports


  • Is missing some ports available on other models
  • The monitor can shake during use

ViewSonic TD2421 24-Inch 1080p Dual Point Optical Touch Screen Monitor

[amazon box=”B01KEEMS1U”]

When working on a computer for any period, eye strain can become a concern—especially for those who tend to work long hours while staring at the monitor. ViewSonic’s TD2421 not only has a full HD display, but it also includes a Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free Technology to help you work without these concerns, no matter how long you use your computer.

The technology included can support all manner of OSes, including both Windows and Mac systems. Not only is the image quality stellar, but the built-in speakers give you impeccable sound. The wide-viewing angles and SuperClear MVA panel also mean that you can see the same, no matter how you look at it. You can even start up the computer by merely tapping the screen.

If you want to rely on the manual to help you navigate your new monitor, however, you may have some difficulties. And while the design allows you to VEGA mount the TD2421, you can’t adjust the angle of the screen, which can be a significant inconvenience for touch-operated monitors.


  • Blue Light Filter and Flicker-free technology help reduce eye strain
  • Full HD display
  • Operates with both Windows and Mac
  • High-quality speakers
  • Wide viewing angles


  • The included instruction manual is lacking
  • Unable to freely adjust the perspective of the monitor

Gechic 1303i Touchscreen Portable Monitor

[amazon box=”B00XK5A502″]

Gechic’s 1303i touch screen monitor is flexible in many ways. Because it doesn’t require you to install drivers to operate, you can easily connect it to any Mac or Windows based computer you like—including Windows 10. The mobility is also a nice touch, allowing you to use the monitor in even on the go situations.

You also have micro-HDMI, VGA, and mini DisplayPort inputs. All of these will allow you to work with plenty of other accessories and peripheral devices, whatever they may be. Performance quality is also top-notch, providing you with a fantastic overall monitor experience.

While those inputs allow for work with many peripheral devices, stay aware that the mini version of the Display Port included in the Gechic 1303i is non-standard, so it may not connect to everything you need. Take stock of your devices before committing.


  • Can connect to both Mac and Windows computers
  • Good for mobile situations
  • Multiple input ports


  • Mini Display port is nonstandard

Planar Helium PCT2485

[amazon box=”B00DFB8KRQ”]

If you liked what you saw with Planar’s budget touch screen monitor, but you found yourself wanting a bit more, then you should consider the Helium PCT2485. This screen has one of the widest angles for adjusting on the market, reaching up to fifty-five degrees and even being able to lie flat on the desk. If you want a larger screen, there’s also the Planar PCT2785 variant.

Another feature that seems to be missing on many other monitors is a built-in webcam. The Helium PCT2485 does have a camera in its build, allowing for video chats and other recording purposes. Anyone who read, working on documents, or works with graphic design will find that this monitor delivers on all such fronts.

Because of the response time, this monitor won’t be enough for gamers, but it should be plenty for anyone else.


  • Wide fifty-five-degree adjustable angle
  • Can lie flat
  • Has a webcam


  • Does not have a high enough response time for gaming

close up monitor

Image via Pexels

TOGUARD Fifteen Inch TFT LEDTouch Screen Monitor

[amazon box=”B01H04GENA”]

If you don’t need the full-screen space of our other top picks, then the fifteen inches of screen on TOGUARD’s model might fit the job. It has HD capabilities, which makes dealing with work tasks and entertainment alike look stunning. The response time is also hyper fast, helping to keep images clear, no matter what’s happening.

For those reading this review, there’s no doubt that Windows is the preferred OS of choice, but TOGUARD’s monitor is also compatible with Linux systems. TOGUARD also has included a Security Surveillance Monitor to help keep your screen safe. The provided power adaptor also helps save energy use, and it includes VGA, USB, and HDMI ports.

One inconvenience is that the monitor doesn’t include touch capabilities out of the box—you need to install the drivers on the included disk. The built-in hanging slot is also not very stable, which can cause the monitor to rotate if mounted on a wall.


  • Smaller, more compact size
  • Includes TOGUARD Security Surveillance Monitor
  • Power adaptor helps save energy
  • High response time


  • Need to use provided disk to install touchscreen drivers
  • Can hang from a wall, but the built-in slot is not very stable
  • Can be challenging to set monitor into sleep mode

two flat computer monitors

Image via Pexels

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Touch Screen Monitor

Aside from looking at which products are the best, there are other factors you should consider on your quest for the best touch screen monitor for you. Keep these things in mind as you compare our top picks.

1. Size

It’s no secret that monitors can come in different sizes, which tends to impact the overall visibility of information on the screen. In part, the measurement factor may come down to how much space you have available and what you’re willing to spend the money on getting. Aiming to at least hit a minimum of fifteen inches will allow you to see the screen from a reasonable distance without straining yourself.

However, you also need to remember that a touchscreen involves touching the monitor. For that reason, you don’t want to have too large of a screen to make it inconvenient to use. Twenty-one-inch monitors can still be convenient while having excellent visibility.

2. Viewing Angle

Another aspect of viewing a monitor is in its viewing angle, or at how wide you can still clearly see an image. The wider this angle is, the more you’ll be able to see the picture clearly, even when you’re not looking at it straight on.

3. Future-Proof

The term future proof refers to pieces of technology that include features that may ultimately become the standard. This qualification may consist of entirely new features, or advancements to existing tech—like more efficient ports, for example. While the included pieces may not become the standard, investing in a future-proof monitor can prevent the scramble to upgrade shortly after purchasing your monitor.

4. Extra Features

It’s become increasingly more common for not only computer towers to include ports, but for monitors to have these aspects as well. USB ports, speakers, SD card readers, and even disc readers can operate from the monitor. Having these extras as part of the monitor not only makes it more valuable, but it also adds some convenience.

If you don’t need an extra feature, you shouldn’t go out of your way to find it (especially if you’re working on a budget). But it’s beyond worth the effort to find the features that are important to your use. Take stock of what you foresee yourself needing and wanting before making a final decision.

5. Design

While functionality is necessary when selecting a top tier touchscreen monitor, you don’t want to neglect design. After all, you’ll spend plenty of time looking at your monitor, and it’ll likely be a part of your workspace décor as well. No matter what your preferences are, look for a touchscreen that meets your choices for both functionality and aesthetic.

Wrapping Up

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A monitor is an integral part of your computer setup, contributing in many ways to overall performance. With touchscreen models becoming more common than in the past, what we look for in our computer screens has changed. Across our top picks for the best touchscreen monitors for Windows 10, you now have plenty of options to consider, even if you have a high-quality build for the rest of your PC.

The most important thing to remember is that you need a monitor that fits your computer needs and habits. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences, out list will be right here to help you find one that meets both your technological goals, but also your budget.

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