Free Xbox One for Students

Hey everyone and especially students! If you already had the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book on your wishlist for the university life. Well I have great news for you and it may give you another incentive to purchase these devices. Hearing this news may want you to go back to school..just kidding!

Microsoft recenlty announced that they will be giving teachers, parents, and students $300 off the Xbox One for every purchase of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book. The Xbox One comes with 2 free games, wireless controller, and a $50 gift code which is a great addition!

This promotional deal is limited and it is only until August 14. This deal only applies to American and Canadian consumers. So don’t wait on this deal guys!

This is a deal that came out of nowhere and it is sort of fishy in part of Microsoft. What could be the purpose of this promotion?

As you know the Surface 3 production will end on December 2016 and Microsoft is trying to push the Surface 3 out. I believe Microsoft is trying to push the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book out as well before the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 releases. In addition, the Xbox One S will be releasing around the time this promotion ends. That may be the other reason for the promotion, since the sales of the older Xbox One may drop.

Please comment below if you are thinking about purchasing the Surface Pro or the Book. I will try my best to find more promotional deals and if you know any please comment down  below!

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